The HHO Update
by Joe Shea

Founder, HHO Games & Exposition

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CARLSBAD, N.M., Oct. 10-11, 2014 -- Those lovely, down-home folks out in the wild Pecos Valley of New Mexico hosted their 6th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Rally Oct. 10-11, and have provided a lively photo album of all kinds of people getting fat - just kidding! - getting some incredible results from their HHO Kits.

Bennie Johns, left, accepts the First Prize from Rick McKean in the 6th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Rally of 2014, nailing a 60% gain!

Bennie Johns erased an EPA Hwy. Estimate of 24MPG driving a Suzuki Sidekick that posted a 63.62% MPG gain to 39.27MPG!

Second Place went to Charles Goodwin's Ford E250 Camper Van, which saw a 40.88% gain to 23.95MPG over the EPA Hwy. Estimate of 16MPG.

Joe Henegar took 3rd Place with a 30.41% gain on a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche rated at 17MPG Hwy by the EPA and getting 22.17MPG in the 6th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Run.


CLEARWATER, Fla., Sept. 7, 2014, 5:05am ET -- Fuel Genie developer Barry Holszweig has debuted his new model of the Fuel Genie with a compelling video of enthusiastic Fuel Genie users.

The video focuses on the Grand Opening last week at the Regal Eco-Center in Largo, Fla., just north of St. Petersburg.

Regal E-Center is selling a variety of HHO-equipped hybrids - including bicycles!

As Barry talked to several of his customers, they told of substantial gains in both highway and in-town driving, as well as easy installation and problem-free operation.

“There’s no easier, cheaper way to get hydrogen into your engine,” Barry tells us. Here's the video:

Barry has been a longtime supporter of the HHO Games, and is extremely knowledgeable about the benefits of hydrogen to increase gas mileage.


July 31, 2014, 4:16am ET -- I have just published a short novel, "POWER, A Story of Cold Fusion," on It sells for just $3.49, and is about a clever and secret plan to covertly introduce cold fusion technology into the U.S. ecnomy, so as to avoid problems with the oil and natural gas and coal industries.

It's at and is available on Kindle, either via the free downloaded reader or on the store-bought standalone device.

It's about a secret government program that is trying to introduce a new form of energy through rural electric co-ops in the American Southwest, and a coal industry private investigator who tries to find out why orders for coal from the region are falling like a rock. We hope you'll enjoy it!


March 14, 2014, 11:18am ET -- "This will be the last regularly scheduled Smart Scarecrow Show... Frankly, I just don't have time for it anymore." With those simple words and an appeal to his large audience to take his place in carrying forward the banner of clean energy, Gary Hendershot ended the 155-episode run of his famous examination of advances in alternative energy, "The Smart Scarecrow Show."

The final show featured the great Zero Fossil Fuels and Sterling Allan, the founder of Peswiki, whose Free Energy News is a reliable and comprehensive guide to the greatest cutting-edge technologies that can replace fossil fuels.

At the HHO Games, we owe a warm thanks to Gary for his reporting on our events over the past six years, and encouraging us in our darkest days. We were delighted to have Richard Keough appear on his show just ahead of the Jan. 10-12, 2014 MOSI show.

Not surprisingly, Gary told Sterling that his job is now requiring him to work 80 hours a week, while preparing the show takes another 4 to 5 hours. He's "exhausted," he said, and is also preparing for the marriage of his daughter. He certainly has earned a rest!

It is ironic that The Smart Scarecrow Show is ending now, just as Wall Street is adopting hydrogen fuel cell technology in a big way, and it appears there is a lot of big money being made, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Thank you, Gary, for all you've done to speed the technological evolution to a better, cleaner, safer world!


March 14, 2014, 11:18am ET -- Joe Shea of Bradenton, Fla., is seeking the 13th District Congressional seat now held by Republican Rep. David Jolly.

Joe Shea is running for Congress in the 13th District - where HHO's most important pioneers have lived and worked for decades.

The district, which includes all of Pinellas County from St. Petersburg to Clearwater, was home to Denny Klein and Stan Myers, and now boasts major industry figures like Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen Technologies in Clearwater and Barry Holzsweig of Fuel Genie Systems in Largo and Belleaire.

One of the biggest HHO Games events in recent years was held at the University of South Florida's St. Petersburg campus, and important figures like Bill Lang of Water to Fuel in Clearwater and dozens of smaller but growing HHO developers call the district home.

The Games got their first front-page coverage from the St. Petersburg Times, which did a major Page 1 story on the HHO Games at Manatee Technical Institute in 2010.

"It is a privilege to try to represent the real heart and soul of the alternative energy and the HHO industry," Shea says. "I hope to get important funding for our industry and wider recognition of its benefits to the American driver.

"That will be part of my effort to foster research into new technologies like LENR/cold fusion and the hydrino reactor," Shea says, "These technologies have the potentialo to break the death-lock fossil fuels have on the world's economy and that is poisoning our planet.

Those interested in Joe's candidacy can go to his website,, and write him at

Update: Because of incomplete paperwork, Joe was unable to get on the ballot. He says he'll continue to fight for alternative energy through other means.


January 19, 2014, 1:52am ET -- The 10th HHO Games - billed as the Green Energy Expo at the suggestion of Richard Keough and Michael D'Agostino - was a little disappointing in terms of the turnout Friday and Sunday, and a little overwhelming on Saturday.

That's when the most important presentation in our history was offered on behalf of Dr. Howard Phillips by Patrick Gaddy, the Savannah architect who brought the science and hardware of Dr. Phillips' Carbon Catalyst Hydrogen on Demand (CC-HOD) generator - known as the Phillips Method - down to earth for all of us. His presentation was clear, concise and illuminating, qualities much appreciated by his sizeable audience, the largest of the weekend.

Dr. Phillips appeared via Skype, as did his associate Shields Fair of Scottsdale, Ariz., a longtime member of the American Hydrogen Assn., on Sunday. Both men were in Scottsdale during the Jan. 10-12 weekend.

The tricky Skype connection was masterfully guided by HHO Games volunteer Ken Sagester of Clearwater, who with Richard May of St. Petersburg, Fla., performed a goodly number of small miracles that kept the Games running smoothly.

Gabet123 of HODINFO fame also participated in the presentation, making it also the most extensive in Games history.

Using the example of a mid-sized seagoing oil tanker, Gaddy and Phillips explained how the new generator Phillips invented could substitute hydrogen for much of the heavy, polluting fossil fuel it uses now. Dr. Phillips' detailed calculations yielded an estimate of $29,000 a day in savings over the cost of using the typical bunker oil fuel when it is laced with the hydrogen output of the Phillips Method generator. The hydrogen generator would also free up the vast amount of space on the tanker required to store the bunker oil.

The former Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of North Carolina (Charlotte) took numerous questions from the audience, mostly about the practical applications of the device. Among those that he identified were automotive, rail and even aviation uses, as well as heating and/or power generation (from turbines) of large manufacturing, storage or assembly plants and warehouses.

As Dr. Phillips and Patrick Gaddy pointed out, the water necessary to fuel the generator can come from the ocean, and the carbon catalyst is abundant and cheap. While a substantial quantity of aluminum powder or shavings would be required to fuel it, too, the cost would be far less than the conventional cost of fueling such a tanker.

Dr. Phillips, responding to a question, said he thought it was "unlikely" that his device would create a trade war beween stored and on-demand sources of hydrogen. The plan, as outlined by Dr. Phillips and Patrick Gaddy, calls for a manufacturer to license the CC-HOD process and then to build a device that can serve in a wide variety of applications on land, at sea or in the sky.


January 7, 2013, 2:34pm ET -- Temperatures in Tampa are forecast to be 81 on Friday and 82 on Saturday and Sunday, the Weather Channel says, promising relief to Green Energy Expo visitors from the sub-zero wind chills that have swept over a large swath of America.

Visitors coming from as far away as Texas and Kansas, where freezing weather has plagued residents for weeks, will be able to enjoy outdoor swimming pools and Florida's beautiful bridges and rich fishing opportunities - most of which are frozen solid back home.

And for those who worry about heating bills, an HHO heating device (above) will be on display that can save homeowners thousands of dollars a year over conventional heating fuels such as electricity and fuel oil.

Steve Sheslow, a new face at the HHO Games, spoke Sunday on the design cycle for HHO products at the Museum of Science & Industry HHO Games / Green Energy Expo. Steve is the CEO of Global Hydrogen Technologies, the Ed Grimm firm now based in Clearwater, Fla. The Expo ended Sunday, Jan. 12, at 5 P.M. ET.

Barry Holzsweig of Largo's Fuel Genie Systems appeared at the Museum of Science & Industry HHO Games / Green Energy Exposition for a scheduled seminar, but rescheduling made it impossible for him to speak. We were glad to see him, though! The Expo ended Sunday, Jan. 12, at 5 P.M. ET.

Gerard Rowley's polished diesel vaporizers (see the two shiny cylinders at left on the table) - though many years in the making - was chosen as the Best New HHO Product of 2014 at the Museum of Science & Industry HHO Games / Green Energy Expo. The Expo resumea Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

The Hydrogen Reactor with its Ceramic Engine from Joe and Michael D'Agostinos' Green Energy Savings of Cape Coral, Fla., stole the spotlight on the floor of the Green Energy Expo Saturday at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Expo resumes Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

The Savannah architect Patrick Gaddy kicked off a well-attended forum on twhat may be the most significant advance in hydrogen generation in decades, the CC HOD Phillips Method, which has produced as much as 40 gallons per minute of hydrogen in the test labs of Dr. Howard Phillips of the Phillips Co. in Millerton, Okla. The Games & Expo resume Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

Gabet123, the famous founder of HODINFO, spoke Saturday about the 30-gallon-per-minute Phillips Method of hydrogen generation at the Green Energy Expo at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Expo resumes Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

With his many fans looking on, Tampa inventor Al Suarez of introduced a new fuel-saving diesel HHO generator and the latest version of his tiny Epic HHO kit at the Green Energy Expo Saturday afternoon at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Expo resumes Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

A live Skype-hosted forum with CC HOD inventor Dr. Howard Phillips drew rapt attention from guests at the HHO Games / Green Energy Expo at the Museum of Science & Industry. Left to right (in the row at right) are Richard May, Joe Miles, Michael D'Agostino, and William B. Wiley. The Games & Expo resume Sunday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

Rick Ouderkirk of Olive Tree Energy stands beside one of the most handsome displays that have ever graced the HHO Games, at the Green Energy Expo Friday morning at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Games resume Saturday morning at 9 A.M. ET.

Above: Ed Grimm, center, with Scott Spitzer, left, and Tim Kepler, right, the developers of a new HHO-based home heater that will save ice-bound Americans thousands every year. They are in the Global Hydrogen space at the Green Energy Expo, Jan. 10-12 in Tampa.


January 6, 2014, 3:54pm ET -- One of the best deals in lodging for the HHO Games near the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa is the Baymont Inn at 3001 University Center Drive in Tampa, about 5 minutes from the Museum.

The Baymont has agreed to provide shuttle service to the Museum from 8am-10am, and pickup at the Museum from 4-5pm. Rates are better than average, and there are AAA and AARP discounts, among others.

To get the best price, ask for a double room, which has two double beds and two pull-outs, so it sleeps 6, and is $150 for 2 nights. That is available at

The hotel says it will match any lower price. Call Erica at (813)971-8930 and speak to her for more information. Be sure to book rooms at the Baymont online, as the normal rate is much higher than the Internet rate!


December 26, 2013, 3:21pm ET -- It's not lost on us that many HHO and other green technology vendors across the country can't afford the proverbial pot to pee in.

Brave Websites with bright pictures don't always translate into roaring streams of revenue, despite high expectations, rising costs, hard work, great quality and products that are a potentially major benefit to mankind. Often it's just the opposite - costly investments of time, energy and money that produce nothing in return, yet still have the value to others that you originally intended them to have.

We don't want to see those vendors go into the dusty pages of history without giving them one last chance to put their products on the map. After all, that's why we started - to save the world from the tyranny of high-priced gasoline and the oil-inspired wars that have cost us trillions and 58,019 of our finest young men and women wounded, disabled or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. Veterans of those wars have submitted 870,000 applications for diabilities!

We believe that saying that your kits or other green products were on display at the Museum of Science & Industry - one of the world's leading institutions of its kind - can only help your sales. We're willing to take a chance on the consistent honesty and integrity of most HHO vendors. We have never been cheated, even of a single cent, by any vendor at any of the eight events in the past - no one owes us a cent, or anything else. They have never unfairly taken advantage of us.

If nothing else, mastering the construction of the Merrick Reformer - which always doubles gasoline mileage - will open a new avenue to explore in the green technology industry. Dr. Howard Phillips' CC hydrogen generator can be the foundation for a host of exciting new products. New solar devices from Florida Solar and others will also be on display, and we hope every genre of green technology will bring inventions that can make a deifference.

But if you have something important to contribute to better air and water, prettier skies and healthier people through your technology, we want to see it and make it available to the world. More than 1,000 people a day will attend the HHO Games’ Green Technology Expo, and even more since we’re at the height of Florida's tourist season in a fierce winter for much of America.

In fact, the lowest estimate given us by MOSI is "1,100 to 1,500" people per day. Selling just a few kits at anywhere from $300 to $2,900 can produce a substantial profit over what it costs to get here and stay at one of our reasonably-priced motels and hotels in the Tampa area.

So, if you can't afford to pay the $300 fee for a booth, come anyway - for free. If you can pay, of course, we still welcome you and you can help defray of the $4,500 rent, which is breaking our backs, too. We know some people will think we’re fools, but it may be that they don’t believe in people quite as much as we do.

If you can't afford the $300 fee, call or write us at and let us know you're coming. We'll arrange for a booth and chairs and table for you anyway. It's the least we can do for all the people who have supported us since our first show in 2008, and it appeals to our Christian beliefs in the promise and hope of this joyous season.


Nov. 5, 2013, 6:59pm -- Inventor Howard Phillips of Millerton, Okla.-based Phillips & Co. , a former Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, has produced an amazing video detailing the origins and development of his incredible 30-gal.-per-minute hydrogen generator - a device that may even make the return of the steam engine for autos possible!

Dr. Phillips and his three-man crew, including architect Patrick Gaddy of Savannah and David Gonzalez, will present three technical papers during the Jan. 10-12 HHO Games Green Energy Expo at the Museum of Sciece & Industry in Tampa, and his crew will teach you how to construct them.

Here's the video:



Aug. 20, 2013, 4:13pm -- A great letter from Dan Merrick, who says his Merrick Reformer "consistently" doubles gas mileage:

Rick McKean is having their annual HHO HHHN Pecos Twister rally Oct. 11-12 in Carlsbad, New Mexico, home of the famed Carlsbad Caverns

The HHO Update
by Joe Shea

Founder, HHO Games & Exposition

E-mail me at with comments or questions. Please put HHO GAMES (all caps) in the Subject line. On Skype, call hhogames with your latest HHO news. Click here to advertise with us!

Hablo espanol ... j'ai lu francais ... i ler portugues ... ho letto italiano ... ik lees nederlandse ... Ich lese Deutsch



We got a great letter from Dan Merrick, inventor of a new mileage-sacing debice, the Merrick Caporizer, that could change the wau we all thiunk about devices that save gas. "Please let everyone know, as this will be a very powerful year for breakthrough new technology," Dan said. "We will have hydrogen and ammonia cells on display, and run them. We will also be vaporizing fuel, and cracking fuel with a catalyst," he added.

"I will be demonstrating the cracking process and you will actually see the cracking taking place right in front of your eyes, hands on.

As I told you on the phone, I`ve been teaching fuel chemistry in the local college and vocational tech and high schools. The younger generation seems to grasp the technology quickly.

"I will be showing folks how to make a cold vaporizer, which will increase MPG on all fuel-injected gasoline engines, and the increases will be 15 to 60% depending on the vehicle. Then add HHO or HHHN and get another 15% to 20% - this has been proven.

"I know most won`t believe. They will have to come and see. We will actually build one in a seminar, so it will be hands-on. The cracking process I will demonstrate will produce alkanes and alkenes, single carbon-bonding and double carbon-bonding. I know this gets into a little heavy chemistry, but you must understand the fuel bonding to understand the cracking process," Dan told us.

"Vaporizing fuel is different than cracking. Fracturing will break the bonds and the hydrogen will combine back to the carbon, making a single or double carbon, lighter-burn fuel. This will increase MPG and provide a much cleaner burn.

"Joe, if you distilled a gallon of gasoline, like making moonshine, you will get three-fourths of a gallon of clear white gasoline, and one-fourth of sludge. This stuff will not even burn," Dan told me.

"Take that fuel and run only on it, and you will get better MPG than with the full one gallon of gas. So what's that tell you?

"The additives are killing us in more ways than one," he said. "I will be teaching the phase changes of pressure to vacuum, using liquid fuel to vapor. I also will be teaching different catalysts we can use to crack the fuel, and where to purchase them," Dan said. "I will try to make the HHO Games in Florida this year. It will depend on the teaching time I have. I will also teach an hour or so on surface tension of the fuels. This will be a very informational rally. Hope to have a large turn-out!"


March 26, 2013, 7:28pm -- Following an agreement after the last HHO Games between Joe D'Agostino of Green Energy Savings in Fort Myers, Fla. (Yes, home of Fla. Gulf Coast Univ. of Sweet 16 fame!) and Moreco Energy's Richard Keough.

Richard Keough is the only Vendor who has sold at all nine of the HHO Games events, and has been a frequent winner of the Best Craftsmanship award for his coated-titanium HHO kits.

Richard and Moreco Energy (at have become new dealers of the Cerma ceramic treatment line of products for engines, air-conditioning and other uses where heat can betray an engineer's best intentions.

We are featuring a before-and-after video (above) of the treatment Joe provided free to my car - as he did to many other cars at the Feb. 8-10, 2013, show - and you can clearly hear the difference after Cerma's application to my engine. It's like night and day!

Congratulation to Richard and Joe for teaming up on this great product!


FEBRUARY 11, 2013, 9:29Pm ET - Our warmest thanks to the Webmaster and broadcasters John Hill and John A. Hill of Sarasota=based SNN6, as well as videographer Chris Kyle, who put our HHO Games on the air numerous times overnight and brought new visitors to the HHO Games. Many thanks, you guys!


FEBRUARY 10, 2013, 3:53am ET - The work and expense of the HHO Games has never felt more worthwhile than it did at the end of Day 2 of the 9th HHO Games & Exposition.

With presenters like Al Suarez and William B. Wylie, Patrick Gaddy and Gabet123 of HOD-INFO, Kevin Kennedy of RCF Technologies, and Walter Jenkins of the h2 All-American, All-Water Car, the audience was rapt as new ideas, new applications and new inventions came fast and furious.p> Among the highlights:

  • The long-awaited Al Suarez EPEC hydrogen cell from that uses a small high-velocity fan to feed ambient air into itself and turn humidity in that air into hydrogen, with the $800 kit offered for one day at $198 exclusively to attendees of the HHO Games. Weiming Png, a representative of four Chinese physicists stranded in Beijing by the Feb. 9 celebration of the Chinese New Year, was the first to buy one;
  • A tiny Smog Buster that fits on a keychain and drops emissions of NOX and other pollutant gasses to 0.0000;
  • An actual plasma HHO generator that converts DC to AC and sends a tiny 50-,000-volt lightning bolt into water and produces a steady stream of tiny hydrogen bubbles - and routinely generates gas mileage improvements of more than 100 percent;
  • A comprehensive schematic for producing unlimited quantities of hydrogen on demand, with the latest threshold being 30 gallons of hydrogen gas per minute, developed by chemist Dr. Howard Phillips and presented by Patrick Gaddy, PE, of Savannah, Ga., and Gabet123 of HOD-INFO and West Palm Beach, Fla.;
  • A million-dollar "dune buggy" that runs on 90% water and 10% gasoline;
  • Advanced pulse-width modulators that can handle 150 amps fort long periods of time and be safely submerged in water;
  • Gaskets of every kind that will never wear out, even under the most extreme weather conditions that exist;
  • A remarkable ceramic metal treatment called Cerma that dropped the temperature of one car's air-conditioning system from a low of 41°F to 19°F.

It was as though all the Vendors over all the eight previous HHO Games had been refined down to a precious few who could demonstrate incontrovertible results and high-quality gear.

Crowds massed around the plasma generator and the Smog Buster as Al Suarez demonstrated the devices on a heavy Tahoe pickup with emission analyzers and ammeters. The only problem was getting them back inside for the next amazing seminar!

Richard Keough of Moreco Energy in Venice, Fla., spent the entire day demonstrating and explaining how his coated-titanium HHO kits using his trademark ammonia-based Merrick's Gas Superfuel to produce liters of hydrogen that are almost devoid of oxygen, never trip check-engine lights or 022 sensors and never rust plates in the units or even discolor water while reliably producing 25% improvements in gas mileage.

Joe and Michael Agostino of Green Energy Savings of N. Fort Myers, Fla., did land-office business Saturday afternoon, lining up a fleet of cars that wanted his engine and air-conditioning treatments with Cerma. Ironically, one of those customers won a free treatment that his car was then in the process of getting! Joe and Mike give away the treatments and a $5 Advance Auto cash card every hour during the Games, and have provided specialized LED indoor lighting for all the Vendors..

The audience peppered inventor Walt Jenkins of Anna Maria Island, a few miles from Bradenton, with dozens of questions about his 25-year journey to market with technology that can run cars entirely on water or on a 90%-water, 10%-gas mixture. Jenkins told of being attacked and nearly beaten to death in a Tampa parking lot by opponents of his technology, which will turn the world of energy on its head when it reaches the commercial market.

In the audience at the time was Ed Grimm, Chief Technology Officer of Global Hydrogen Technologies in Holiday, Fla., who modified a VW bug in the early 1990's to run on water and today makes some iof the best HHO kits available anywhere ion the world.

Kevin Kennedy of RCF Technologies in Vidalia, Ga., displayed dozens of examples of his fiberglass-and steel-mesh gaskets that are in high demand on the NASCAR racing circuit because they won't leak or otherwise deform or decay under the most extreme conditions of weather and performance that can be imagined. They can also re-used.

Paul Toffolo od Advanced-PWMs also in Holiday, Fla., was the first seminar leader of the day, telling folks about the very small PWMs that he is currently selling to a few select clients like Global Hydrogen Technologies (Richard Keough says he plans to become a buyer soon, too). These PWMs are in a league of their own: most retail PWMs will take a load of 150 amps, but only for 20 minutes or so before burning out; Paul's devices will last indefinitely. He was the only occupant of Inventor's Row this year; ever since the very first HHO Games in 2008, inventors have been admitted free and supplied with chairs and table free.

Anyone who's ever had to replace head gaskets multiple times would celebrate just to see one. Kennedy, who has met and talked with Bill Murray and sold him the wrecked gold carts that are embedded in the walls of the comedian's Caddyshack chain of restaurants, has the same "raspy" voice, as he describes it, and bears a strong resemblance to Murray, too.

All in all, although we didn't yet generate enough income to pay the $1,200 rental for the Sarasota Classic Car Museum facility (we're $228 short as of Saturday night), it was the greatest day in HHO Games history - proving that these Games have figured prominently in refining the best ideas and technology in hydrogen use.

We're grateful to the Sarasota Herald-Tibune's SNN6 cable news channel for their coverage of today's presenters, and to all who attended from as far away as Toronto (we welcomed Jacob Levin from there), California (Alberto Aschadami of Hydrogen on Demand Solution) and Weiming Peng(of Beijing, China, and Boulder, Colo.), Joe Lankowski of South Carolina, and John Vasconcellos of Tampa and his family, who heard our interview by Scott Legere on Dangerous Conversations, his terrific RadiIO show. Adrien and Wayne Richey - by now old friends from half a dozen Games - Ron Olsen, who has helped many HHO inventors, and a new friend, Joe Miles, were welcomed back for a second day.

We would be remiss if we didn't once again thank Yvonne Carmen and the staff of the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, and especially maintebnance chief Fred Long, for their help. We are also very grateful to Weiming Pengand Richard May for helping us mount our banners and posters on the lawns, sidewalk, doors and admission kiosk of the Museum - thanks, you guys!



FEBRUARY 8, 2013, 10:28pm ET - It was a baeutiful, 83° sunny day down here in Florida, and thus we send our condolences to those freezing in the amazing "thundersnow" blizzard that is hitting the Notheast and much of the rest of the northern half of the country.

One facet of these powerful "climate change" storms is that hundreds of thousand and sometimes several million homes and families are suddenly cut off the grid, forced to live like settlers of the Old West, cut off from everything.

That would not be the case, however, if inventors of home-based reactors got off the dime and marketed their products to the states and cities that tonight need them so desperately.

Either the E-Cat reactor of Miami-based Leonardo Corp.'s Andrea Rossi or the hydrino reactor of Dr. Randell Mills' BlackLight Power in Cranbury, N.J., would be saving lives and making life better for families in much of the United States. There have been 3,000 weather-related emergency calls in Boston with just 9 inches of snow on the ground - the start of several feet to come. As the New York Times says this morning, "Hundreds of thousands shivered without power in the biting cold." How people can sit on such devices while mothers and fathers and children die? Well it's up to them.

Saving money on gas is a lesser consideration, although an important one as it now races towards $4 a gallon (which it's already topped in California). The ability of Americans to enjoy extensive travel is severely hampered when gasoline becomes unaffordable, but the HHO Games & Exposition offers those drivers real hope, winnowed down from what was once a large number of less-reliable suppliers.

Today we heard about kits for 23-26-ft. boats that uniformly save 30% of their fuel costs with HHO kits by Alberto Aschadami - kits that are as low as $200 (pictured here fully assembled) or $120 (self-assembled)..

Alberto also sells power-boosting water injection kits like those used on the Flying Fortress bombers as they flew over Germany near the end of World War II with heavy loads of bombs; The planes needed the $800 device to help the planes carry all that weight without sacrificing power.

We also heard some tough, plain talk from HHO master craftsman Richard Keough of Moreco Energy about the need for Americans to step up and stop being manipulated by the folks who set oil prices and make sure they have that 20% to 35% insulation against future gas price hikes.

On Day 2, we will hear about the invention of Chcctaw Native American Dr. Howard Miller, a former prfessor of chemistry at the University of North Carolina, who makes 30 gallons of hydrogen a minute with cheap aluminum powder or free aluminum scrap. That is enough to allow us to really run cars on water for virtaully nothing, almost like Dr. Mills; CIHT concept car that would let us go 1,500 miles on a lier of water.

We'll also marvel at the thumb-size Plug-'n-Play EPEC fuel cell, invented by Al Suarez of Tampa and that makes hydrogen directly from air, uses no water and only milliamps of electricity, reduces constituents of pollution to nearly zero, and never needs maintenance.o We'll also see some of the most advanced Pulse-Width Modules from Paul Toffolo that can easily control the runaway instincts of hydrogen and lend regularity and balance to all kinds of HHO kits.

One of the Grand Old Men of HHO, Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen Technologies and his experience as a NASA Space Shuttle hydrogen technician that helped him build super kits for a 3-story giant Caterpillar earthmover that used 30 gallons of fuel an hour. There are men who slowly but surely are changing our world, and we can only hope more Americans wake up to what they're saying soon.

Right now, in the middle of a terrible 60mph blizzard in the Boston area, hurricane force winds and freezing feet of snow have shut off power to 450,000 families. They are not likely to get a hydrino or e-Cat reactor that would keep their lights and heaters up and running anytime soon if both their inventors and the people who need those products don't quickly get together and overcome bureaucratic opposition to them.

In fact, I don't know why it's all right to let tens of thousands of people freeze tonight but to make sure they can't buy guns to protect themselves. Wouldn't it be time better spent to make sure they will have heat and light the next time a Hurricane Sandy or Blizzard of '13 strikes? So fight back! Come join us! Put a fire-breathing dragon in your tank!


FEBRUARY 8, 2013, 10:21pm ET - On behalf of all who have worked so hard to produce the 9th HHO Games and Exposition, I want to welcome each and every one of our visitors to the beautiful and fascinating Sarasota Classic Car Museum.

Balmy, warm weather of about 79is forecast for today, but yesterday's rain and high winds may keep attendance down. That means more opportunity for the most constructive of all our functions: the "cross-pollination" of ideas about using hydrogen as fuel that has been the purpose and main attraction of the HHO Games since their inception in 2008.

One example of that "cross-pollination of ideas" came in the form of Weiming Png, who was asked to represent four professors of physics, including his advisor, Prof. Jiang at Beihang University in Beijing, at the HHO Gasmes, where Dr. Jiang's team was planning to search for pathways to free energy and LENR.
Dr. Jiang's wife unexpectedly grew ill, and the Chinese New Year intervened, making it impossible for the whole team to come.

I spent a delightful hour at MacDonald's With Weiming Png, who has built and investigated hundreds of HHO devices. He flew here from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he is a candidate for a PhD in Physics to match his Masters in Physics and a Bacheklor's in Mechanical Engineering. He was delightful to speak with, yet he feels stronlgly that commercial advances in "free energy" technology, which has been perfected both in China and the United States, will come slowly - "Like mountains move," I suggested.

But Weiming was pleased to hear of President Obama's Executive Order encouraging devices that co-generate heat and electricity - just like the Mills and Rossi devices, which are no longer alone. The President's order opens the way for new funding for inventions like these that combine the power of heat and the utility of electricity in compact boxes you can put in a closet, power your hosue at a fractional cost in the worst weather, and then forget about. God has kindly given us an anwer in technology to the threat of climate change, but like many of His gifts, we are slow to adopt them.

From our perspective, the relatively small number of Vendors and Demonstrators has deeper and better meaning: the industry, in our view, has winnowed out the losers and the low-quality HHO businesses, and refined only a few producers of very high quality kits, who now remain.

There is one other virtue: Our Vendors are not only the best, but the most innovative. No one has moved the needle forward than Richard Keough with his coated titanium kits and Superfuel, Ed Grimm with his kits that can power a giant Caterpillar earth-mover - consuming 30 gallons of diesel fuel an hour before Ed came along - and the inimitable Al Suarez, who may have accomplished what all along has been the Holy Grail of this industry: A Plug 'n Play kit that is tiny, powerful and inexpensive, needs no maintenance and uses little or no battery power or water reservoir, but frees energy directly from humidity in the air. We believe Al's EPEC, the successor of "the Miracle" that drew raves in 2011, is the first real "free energy" device in the entire world that is being marketed commercially, and we congratulate his partner Bill Wylie on both seeing its potential and making the most of it with well-timed investments. Ed Grimm has also been a key figure in that process, and said he has seen its results.

No matter how well-attended or how many kits are sold at the show, the innovations of these three pioneers will forever be noted when the story of hydrogen as fuel finally enters the history books. They are the people that made our collective dream happen

Please, don't miss the show - and enjoy!


FEBRUARY 5, 2013, 5:12Am ET - Set-up of Vendor and Demonstrator slots at the 9th HHO Games & Exposition begins today, Thursday, at 3pm at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, 5500 N. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, Fla., under the supervision of HHO master craftsman Richard Keough of Moreco Energy in Venice, Fla..

There will be additional time to set up on Friday nd Saturday morning between 8am and 9am. Most Vendors will find their tables waiting and ready for them, complete with special lighting by Joe Agostino and Michael Agostino of Green Energy Savings, who will be offering their ceramic metal treatment, Cerma, and show their Mileage Shop kit and ceramic hydrogen engine in the Demonstrator spaces outside the Display room.

If you're anxious to spend time chatting with the most knowledgeable HHO industry people, be sure to be there Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to avoid crowds.


FEBRUARY 5, 2013, 3:57pm ET - RCF Technologies, a Vidalia, Ga., firm that manufactures aerospace-grade gaskets, seals, ducts, metal connectors, isolation mounts and short hoses that can uniquely resist ultra-high and abysmally low temperatures, will be showing at the HHO Games Feb. 8-10.

The company's slogan? "Making a Materials Difference!"

We are grateful to our friend, retired Ford Motor Co. engineer Joe Lankowski, for telling us about RCF's work. Joe and RCF rep Kevin Kennedy are coming down together for the Games. Joe is looking forward to purchasing a new HHO kit and getting it installed at the Games.

For HHO developers worried about the effects of hydrogen's jet-fuel octane rating (which is 132) and powerful combustion, these products are a guarantee against the kind of wear and tear that normal gaskets and related products face.

The RCF products feature an elstomeric composite named Rishon® that deal with a continuous temperature range of anywhere from --170°F through 850°F, and serve as fire barriers in thicknesses as low as .037".

The products are chemically compatible with most fluids, including caustics, highly corrosive Skydrol, and have been "soak" tested in E100, E85, Sunoco 100 and VP Racing Fuels with excellent results. They absorb sound and vibration, and vulcanize quickly to metakls and many other subtrates, including glass and even some carbon fiber materials. They can also be completely non-conductive or fully conductive, according to presented Kennedy, a lead salesman for RCF Technologies.

. "Our engineers work with your own to devise customized solutions to your most difficult problems. Some of our customers are: Bombardier, Joe Gibbs Racing, Lajoie Racing, USF Racing, Lockheed Martin, Hamilton Sundstrand, Eaton, Honeywell, GE and Gulfstream," Kennedy said. "We are ISO- and AS-registered.

"While focused on the aerospace industry over the past 38 years, the last four (4) years we have begun working with automotive and performance racing companies as well, supplying heat insulation, sound dampening and gaskets to a variety of companies," says Kennedy.

The variety of HHO products can present a lot of challenges to HHO producers, and RCF has a product equal to all of them. Its offerings are made of the Rishon® fine steel-weave mesh that will never deteriorate - at least in the lifetime of your kit and car, potentially saving you thousands over its lifetime and protecting engine parts from excess wear, heat and cold.


FEBRUARY 4, 2013, 12:05pm ET - Scott Legere ("Ledg") of the Bubba The Love Sponge spinoff "Dangerous Voices" (a Bubba's Army broadcast) on RadioIO featured me last night for 45 minutes of fast-paced talk about the HHO Games and hydrogen's evolution as a growing presence in the world of automotive fuel. Scott had me talk about my U.S. Supreme Court victory against Internet censorship in Shea v Reno, and praised the HHO Games for bringing awareness of hydrogen to a broader world. He called me the "Obi Wan Kenobe" of the Internet, and ended his show with a trademarked profane rant that also called me every name in the book (and quite a few not), but closed with a gentle "And I mean that very sincerely." It was the coolest interview ever!

I talked a lot about industry pioneer Denny Klein, HHO craftsman Richard Keough of Moreco Energy, former NASA technician Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen Technologies, Cerma entrepreneur Joe Agostino of Green Energy Savings in Cape Coral, inventor extraordinaire Al Suarez of Tampa and the Mileage Shop (AKA Global Hydrogen Devices), a Prescott, Ariz., HHO maker that claims to have sold $55,000 kits over the years and may open a shop here in Venice, Fla.

We also have a tentative commitment for coverage Friday by SNN6, a partner of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and the newspaper may do an advance article. There may also be an article in the works at the Bradenton Herald and The Bradenton Times, where I was once a county government reporter. Bay News 9 has also been invited to attend.


FEBRUARY 4 2013, 5:09pm ET - The amazing vehicle created by all-American entrepreneur Walt Jenkins will again be on display at the HHO Games on Sat., Feb. 9, Walt said. It will only be the car's second appearance at the Games; Walt took an Inventor spot at the first HHO Games in November 2008 at the Mosaic Arena on the Manatee County Fairgrounds.


FEBRUARY 4 2013, 12:02pm ET - We will be forever graetful to Yvonne, the operator of the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, for allowing us to forgo our $900 rental payment until the weekend of the Games.

We hope to pay the $900 we owe from vendors who catch up on their payments and others paying on Saturday, as well as the $5 daily admission fee.

Regrettably, we can extend free admission only to Vendors, Demonstrators and children under 12. Thank you, Yvonne, and thank you, Sarasota Classic Car Museum!


FEBRUARY 2, 2013, 7:41Am ET - Due in part to slow payments by Vendors in a rocky economy - and my own bout with colon cancer - the HHO Games is facing a financial crisis that hits on Monday, when operators of the Sarasota Classic Car Museum ask for $900 to complete our rental agreement. If you believe the Games are an important contribution to the rise of alternative energy technology and better gas mileage, will you help us avoid a possible suspension of the Feb. 8-10 HHO Games? We need $850 to make the payment, and while we have $250 due from Vendors and Demonstrators, we have no way to pay the rest. (Update, 2/4/13): Thanks to the Museum's management, we have avoided cancellation.)

New Vendors and Demonstrators are invited to join us. Booths are now just $150, down from up to $400, while Demonstrator slots are $50 and do permit sales this year. If you want to participate, call Joe Shea at (941) 462-2616. Or, you can go to any Bank of America branch and deposit what you can to account number 37602-37563. It is possible but by no means certain that we can pay you back all or part of your donation from the proceeds at the door over next weekend, and we would be happy to do that. We'll keep you updated as the Games approach!


FEBRUARY 2, 2013, 8:09am ET - Gas prices, at least in the Chicago area, may be headed back up to $4 a gallon, CBS News analysts say, after rising 20 cents per gallon in the past week.

Some states, like California, and cities like Los Angeles could see prices topping $4 by 50 cents or more.

Ironically, that was one of the last predicitions from radio talk-show host and HHO developer Barry Hart of Fuel Savers Radio, who said last week that prices may rise sharply in coming months.

Obviously, with greatly improved HHO technology giving you the ability to save $4 of every $16 you spend at the pump, HHO can make a great difference. Many people, like myself, are already forced to buy just a gallon or two rather than fill up their tanks as we used to do.


JANUARY 31, 2013, 4:50pm ET - He's a new face at the HHO Games, but Alberto Aschidami of California-based Hydrogen Solution On Demand is an old hand at the development of onboard hydrogen HHO kits.

Born in southern Brazil, he became a mechanic in his father's shop as a young man and has worked on cars for 35 years since then. After arriving in America about 20 years ago, he started his HHO shop in 2004 and has quickly built a reputation as a reliable supplier of modestly-priced, fine HHO kits that are exceptionally easy to install.

"After extensive research and development on several different types of cells and kits, we came up with the idea of putting all in one box," he told HHO Update.

"Instead of having a bunch of parts and expecting people to be able to put them all together," he said. "By doing this, it makes it easier to diagnose a possible problem with the kit, and it gives the customer a very quick and easy installation process.

"All they have to do is to install 3 wires and one hose," Aschidami said.

"We also developed an electronic fuel-injector controller. This device controls the fuel delivery to the engine. It will also control the amperage of the cell (PWM). This device can be installed by just plugging in 3 wires," Alberto said.

Alberto will display his kits in Demonstrator Space C, immediately outside the double doors of the Vendor Hall. All his kits, which come in both $1,000 stainless steel and $1,200 titanium models, carry a 100% money-back guarantee. For diesel semi, he offers a kit with plates of both titanium and stainless steel for $5,500.


JANUARY 29, 2013, 10:25pm ET - Of all the questions I get asked about the HHO Games these days, the easily the most frequent is, "Will Al Suarez be there?"

The answer is yes, and he's bringing the successor to his "Miracle" - and another amazing device - with him.

The new cell is called the EPEC, and while it is not of epic proportions - it fits in the palm of his hand, he says - it may well have "epic" repercussions throughout the automotive industry. That's fancy talk for "It will blow your socks off!"

Why? First, it is very possibly the very first working "free energy" device to come on the world market, so attendees will help Al make history. Secondly, it never needs maintenance. Third, it will boost mileage in many vehicles by 20-35%, and unheard-of amounts (even into the triple digits) in others. It takes less than 20 minutes to install. But beyond all that, it uses an inexhaustible supply of hydrogen: the very air we breathe.

The idea of "free energy" from air has been around a long time, but like "cold fusion" - another subject we love here - it has only recently gained solid scientific standing with the grant of US patents to U. of Illinois Prof. George Miley and European Patent Office grants to Franceso (and daughter Sylvia) Piantelli of Italy. According to Al, former NASA Space Shuttle hydrogen technician Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen Technologies - an expert if there ever was one - calls the device, yes: "cold fusion."

Al's EPEC - which stands for Electron Proton Energy Cell - uses no water and almost no electricity to extract hydrogen, but creates it directly from air: It is the most abundant element in the atmosphere (and the universe, too).


Al's pal Bill Wylie will be at the show with Al to talk about the device and speak with potential dealers. Al speaks on the main stage at 1pm Saturday, but will be there before 9am, he promises, and will stay all day Saturday.

That isn't all. Al is also bringing out a device called the Smoke Buster, a $60 item that he says will reduce emissions to 0.000. You can't do much better than that! Both of the EPEC and the Smoke Buster devices and a third thawas beent remains under wraps enjoy Patent Pending protection, Al said.

Al and Bill will offer opportunities for dealerships at the show, and people will be able to examine installed examples at close range, but the pair will have no devices for sale. Dealers will have to commit to purchasing a fixed number of units, which will probably retail for about $299.

Al will speak at 1pm Saturday, Feb. 9, and will not be at the show on Friday and Sunday due to other commitments. His cars and kits will be on display in two Demonstrator spaces, E AND F, immediately outside the double doors of the Vendor Room.


JANUARY 28, 2013, 12:38am ET - Ed Grimm's renowned Global Hydrogenadvanced PWMs said to be the best available have been added to the lineup for the HHO Games & Exposition scheculed for the Sarasota Classic Car Museum on Feb. 8-10.

We were sorry to hear that HHO inventor Denny Klein, who had been invited to speak on Feb. 9, may not be able to attend - but he is sending his right-hand man, Bill Wylie, in his place.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Fuel Savers Radio show hosted by Barry Hart on AM1340 has gone off the air and will not appear at the Games as planned. Barry said the last few radio shows have not attracted any callers, and he and Fuel Genie Systems have not been receiving orders for HHO kits. We were sorry to hear of the cancellation, as the show was an important new outlet for the HHO community and will be missed.


Joe Agostino's prize-winning Green Energy Saving truck has been a star at recent South Florida car shows. Joe will be representing Cerma, the ceramic binding agent that quiets and enhances air-conditioning and engine performance. He plans to give away $300 worth of Advance Auto cash cards, donated by his local Cape Coral store, Cerma and coupons each day of the show! He will be in Demonstrator Space No. 5, immediately outside the souble doors at the far end of the Display Hall. You can reach Joe for more information about Cerma and Green Energy Saving at (239)344-9861.


JANUARY 21, 2013, 12:38am ET - Scientist and inventor Dr. Howard Phillips will demonstrate hydrogen generation technology today at 11am (CT) that produces 30 gallons per minute of hydrogen gas from water - most of it without electric power.

The demonstration will take place before an audience drawn from politics, business, the media, energy sector professionals and academia, his company announced.

The 3-hour demo will take place in tiny Millerton, Okla. (pop. 359), where the Phillips Co. is located. The amazing technology needs no power input after start-up, instead drawing energy from scrap aluminum and water, used as fuel.

The company is located about 4 hours from airports in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas. Dr. Phillips is a former member of the Chemistry faculty at the University of North Carolina.

"A growing number of equipment manufacturers are planning the commercialization of this new, low-cost, safe method for producing hydrogen fuel at high flow rates," the company said.

The technology will make hydrogen storage tanks obsolete and unnecessary, the company said, enabling a wave of new and improved HHO and other hydrogen-on-demand devices in a multitude of applications.

More than 500 Websites have trumpeted the news, according to a company press release.


JANUARY 20, 2013, 8:57am ET - A recent pollution scare that saw unhealthy air quality climb 700% above what is considered safe galvanized Chinese authorities into taking immediate temporary steps - industrial and car-usage regulations, mostly - to bring air quaity up. The Chinese government is still looking for long-term solutions to the filthy air that is filling their hospitals with costly and chronic pulmonary and other lung diseases and preventing childt\ren from playing outdoors.

As Cheryl Katten, a Beijing-based blogger, reported in Green Technology World:

The new fashion statement in Beijing this week is face masks—and not because of the flu epidemic. In fact, schoolchildren in China’s capital city were ordered to halt all outdoor sports and activities today, as a filthy cloud of smog continued to shroud the People’s Republic, reducing visibility and posing a dangerous health hazard. The air pollution level this morning reached 251 on a scale of 300 in Beijing—and even higher, 278, in Shanghai. While 51-100 on the Air Pollution Index Scale is “good,” with no health implications, the air quality in China today is so poor that even healthy people will be noticeably affected; and will have trouble breathing and walking outside. Air quality was even worse over the past weekend. Emergency response measures were adopted in Beijing when the city's air quality reached a level of 755, regarded as "beyond index." For the first time, Beijing activated a new plan restricting construction and industrial activity, curbing vehicle use by government officials and ordering schools to limit outside activity, said state-run Xinhua news agency.

That is one reason a delegation of four Chinese physicists is on its way to the HHO Games to see whether HHO technology - onboard hydrogen generators that supplement gasoline and eliminate emissions - can be a low-cost solution in curing the air of their pollution-plagued city.

The Chinese currency, which US authoritieis complain is being kept artificially low against the dollar, make HHO kits far more affordable for the Chinese than they are for many Americans, so it is a good time to buy our products and support American jobs.

The problem is that Chinese kits sold on e-Bay and through online auctions tend to have poor design and corrodable materials that rapidly reduce the benefits of hydrogen supplementation of gasoline.

Gasoline is relatively inexpensive in China. What the Chinese need and want is well-made, affordable kits that can eliminate missions while they reduce gasoline usage - China hopes to become a net exporter of oil - and can be installed without much expertise or special tools.

But the real problem for the Chinese is finding such kits. Few if any are available amid the mountains of Mason Jar junk kits online that don't persform as needed. The HHO industry has not yet developed into the masss-assembly paradigm we'd hoped for when we began the HHO Games & Exposition 10 years ago.

HHO remains largely a cottage industry, where craftsmen like Richard Keough - a key Vendor at the HHO Games - manufacture kits by hand that will never corrode and also reduce emissions to zero. But how can Richard produce 100,000 kits to satisfy a purchase order from the Chinese? He would have to open a factory and go on "Shark Tank" to automate his operation!

Since the HHO Games & Exposition remains the only trade show for our industry, Vendors looking to empty their inventory overnight and perhaps join forces with other respected manufacturers will have an opportunity here. It is the kind og event that can transform a garage into an industry, much as Microsoft did for Bill Gates.


JANUARY 11, 2013, 4:20PM (ET) -- With our down payment on the site made, Vendor Richard Keough of Moreco Energy and SuperFuel and Joe Agostino of Cerma are the first Vendor and Demonstrator, respectively, to sign up for the 2013 HHO Games on Feb. 8-10, 2013, at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum in Bradenton, Fla. For Keough, it marks his ninth straight appearance since the very first HHO Games in 2008.

The Games have gotten off to a slow start due to my being bedridden for most of the last month. I have been diagnosed with malignant colon cancer and have an appointment with Dr. Richard Karl at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., on Jan. 23. I will probably have surgery a few days later and remain in the hospital for two days. I am optimistic of a full recovery, as is common with this type of cancer. Thank you in advance for your best wishes and your prayers!


DECEMBER 15, 2013, 2012, 3:34PM (ET) -- Physicists from Beihang University in Beijing (the former Beijing University of Astronautics and Aeronautics), China, have written to request an invitation to the Feb. 8-10, 2013, HHO Games & Exposition at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum in Sarasota, Fla.

Xingliu Jiang, Professor of Physics at Beihang University, and Mr. Shan Jiang, Ms. Liping An and Ms. Lijun Han will represent the school, a major public research university in China, Prof. Jiang said.

Prof. Jiang is an expert on zero-point energy, and many will find his paper on that topic of great interest. He is also a prominent researcher in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the successor description of cold fusion.

We are delighted to extend our invitation to them to attend and to present a seminar and display. For these intrepid travelers, it's a 7,665-mile journey of 16 hours by plane. Beijing is 13 hours ahead of Sarasota.

Also, on Saturday morning, Feb. 9, the well-known "Fuel Savers Radio" show with Barry Hart will broadcast live from 9am to 11am from the Games, Barry Hart has announced.


OCTOBER 23, 2012, 4:07PM (ET) -- The world's first, oldest and largest HHO trade show will reconvene Friday, Saturday and Sunday February 8-10, 2012, for the ninth time in South Florida in 2013, founder Joe Shea announced today. Those who sign up early will receive a $25-$50 discount on their refundable Vendor fees and $10 on Demonstration fees. The Vendor fees range from $150 for any of 15 regular spaces to $400 for any of 3 HHO Spectacular spaces and $40 for 10-15 Demonstrator spaces. Those will be permitted to have removable tents and signage, and sales will be permitted for the first time. As always, a small number of Inventor spaces will be available for free depending upon availability. Please check back for special hotel arrangements for our visitors and guests. We will post them by December 12, 2012. Admission will be $5 for one day and $12 for all three days; tickets can be purchased in advance by bank deposit as Vendors, and will be sent to you by email. Fees are somewhat higher this year to cover higher charges for rental space. The discounts will end Dec. 31, 2012, or when the cost of the rental is covered by Vendor deposits, whichever comes sooner. To sign up, call or write Joe Shea at, or make a deposit by check, cash or money order at Bank of America Acct. No. 37602-37563. We expect to have some great seminars and new speakers on the cutting edge of HHO technology!


OCTOBER 20, 2012, 11:34PM (ET) -- British scientists say they have literally synthesized gasoline from air, according to a story in today's leading English newspaper the DAily Telegraph.

Obviously, there is a lot to learn about the technology, which so far has only produced a total of 3 liters of gasoline. Read the story and tell us what you think!


OCTOBER 16, 2012, 5:04PM (ET) -- Barry Hart, the proprietor of Fuel Genie Systems and host of "Fuel Savers Radio," is a relentless and far-ranging researcher who has sought out the best and sometimes most obscure of sources for scientific papers on the use of hydrogen as a supplement to gasoline or diesel. Below is a note that will make all that work available to readers of this site. The SAE, by the way, is the Society of Automotive Engineers.


OCTOBER 13, 2012, 4:24AM (ET) -- The founder of Fuel Genie Systems, known to his fast-growing radio audience as Barry Hart, celebrates a mjaor milestone at a new hour this morning as "The Fuel Savers" show celebrates the end of its first year. It all happens at 9am on WTAN AM1340, and on half a dozen other major market stations across trhe nation - and on the Internet, too! Just hit this link at 9am ET this morning to get the live feed from Tampa! To get on the air with Barry, call (727) 441-3000 between 9am nd 10am Eastern Time Saturday morning. Click on the logo here to go straight to the show's Web Site.

Scheduled to appear with Barry this morning are HOD-INFO site developer Gabet123, Global Hydrogen founder and former NASA hydrogen tech Ed Grimm, and yours truly, Joe Shea, head of the HHO Games & Exposition. We'll be talking about the Pecos River Run in New Mexico, which also kicks off bigger and better than ever this morning. As usual, there will be a call-in portion for those with questions about hydrogen kits of all kinds, and you'll benefit from hard-won know-how on the inner workings of our HHO cells. You can email Barry at more info.


AUGUST 23, 2012, 12:16am ET -- The long-awaited "Miracle" HHO kit created by Tampa inventor Al Suarez may be the biggest story as the Republicans, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Hurricane Isaac and Joe Biden head into town next week. Aided by Bill Wylie of KleanGas and former NASA hydrogen technician Ed Grimm, Suarez is said to be ready at last with a "beta" version of the kit that took the 2011 HHO Games & Exposition by storm. A price point has not been set. Pictures of the original device can be found by scrolling down this page. We were inundated with offers to buy, assemble and install the new device after Suarez introduced it on an RV at the HHO Games last Nov. 12.


AUGUST 9, 2012, 6:39pm ET -- Our friend and personal HHO supplier, Barry Holzsweig (known to listeners of his syndicated Fuel Savers Radio show as Barry Hart) is putting on a free 4-hour HHO clinic for people who want to learn more about the art, fix their own kits or become Fuel Genie installers.

Here are the details, straight from Barry:

On Saturday, August the 11th, Fuel Genie Systems will sponsor an HHO, HOD clinic in Clearwater. The clinic will be held at 2167 Drew St., Clearwater, FL 33765 from 12 noon to around 6pm. We have three guys who want to become installers so this will be one of their training classes. We'll be able to explain to the onlookers what each installer is doing as we guide them through an installation on a gasoline engine and a diesel engine.

The clinic is free to anyone who wants to attend. Capacity is limited to ca. 25 people. If anyone wishes to call ahead and reserve one of the 10 seats, the number is 1-866-209-6682. Just leave your name and how many seats and we'll take care of the rest.

Yours truly is planning to be there and I have also been invited to appear on the Fuel Saver Show this Saturday. It runs from 4pm to 5pm on 1340AM (Pinellas County) and 1380AM (Hillsborough County). Also on this week's installment will be Globakl Hydrogen Technologies' Ed Grimm, and HODINFO founder Gabet123. This is the rapidly expanding syndicated show's 10th month. Join us all!


AUGUST 9, 2012, 6:39pm ET -- Gabet123, the tech whiz who runs the best hydrogen-on-demand Web site anywhere in the world, has announced that he will no longer maintain the fee-based user system he adopted half a year ago, and instead allow those users who wish to donate to do so.

The substantiakl expense of running the site, which has every conceivable app and gimcrack anyone could want or even imagine, led Gabe to start charging users a modest fee, and he then found a multiplicity of ways to reduce the fees - by giving users "credits" for their activity and contributions to the site.

Now he's taken the step of relieving users of fees altogether, while asking that those who feel they benefit from HODINFO to donate to the cost of keeping it open.

It's a great site, and if you've never been there, head to


JULY 14, 2012, 6:39pm ET -- Infinite Energy magazine, founded by murdered MIT science writer Eugene Mallove, is offering a variety of high-tech gear for sale at modest prices. The items include several flow meters and at least one calorimeter. You can take a look at the items at:


JUNE 20, 2012, 11:41pm ET -- A new report on today's highly regarded Bloomberg News Web site today says remarks about hydrogen fuel cells now becoming part of the mix in America's energy future has created a "frenzy" in the field, according to reporters Angela Greiling Keane and Alan Ohnsman.

In the past, we have criticized the President for failing to take notice of hydrogen in his many speeches about alternative energy. Today, we welcome his belated acknowledgement of our industry. Let's hope he also soon takes notice of work on LENR, or cold fusion, and the latest advances on hydrogen-on-demand (HOD) devices.

Here is some of the article from

Remarks by two aides to President Barack Obama yesterday calling fuel cells part of the solution for improving automobile efficiency gave boosters some optimism the U.S. will help create a market for the technology.

Hydrogen fuel cells, encouraged by President George W. Bush, lost favor to plug-in electric vehicles after Obama took office in 2009. Energy Secretary Steven Chu questioned the merits of hydrogen-powered cars and cut funding for fuel-cell research, as Obama set a goal of having 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

“There’s been a dramatic turnaround in the past six to nine months of the need for this in the future” by the Energy Department, Scott Samuelsen, National Fuel Cell Research Center director, said in an interview at a conference in Washington sponsored by the Hydrogen Education Foundation. “What has not yet occurred is the action that will be needed to meet the needs by 2015.”

That’s the year by which automakers including Toyota Motor Co. (7203) are looking to introduce their first fuel-cell vehicles in the U.S. Honda Motor Co.’s FCX Clarity and Daimler AG (DAI)’s Mercedes Benz B-Class are available now in parts of California, where environmental rules encourage zero-emission vehicles.

Revived interest in fuel cells coincides with congressional scrutiny of U.S. financial assistance to plug-in vehicle and battery makers including A123 Systems Inc. (AONE) and Fisker Automotive Inc. Last year, Congress held hearings into a fire in a General Motors Co. (GM) Chevrolet Volt after crash testing.

‘All-In Approach’

Automotive fuel cells are layers of platinum-coated plastic film sandwiched between metal plates that create electricity from the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. Vehicles use the same type of electric motors and controls as battery-only models, and neither emits tailpipe pollutants..

Hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant element, is available in high volume for industrial uses by reforming natural gas or splitting water using electricity.

Heather Zichal, Obama’s top aide on energy and climate change, called hydrogen cells “an opportunity” for improving fuel economy in remarks at yesterday’s conference. Editor's Note: We had called Heather Zichal at the White House last year to urge her to look at hydrogen fuel cells and generators.

She urged the U.S. not to fall behind Japan, Germany andKorea in research and production. She cited FedEx Corp. (FDX), Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Wegmans Food Markets Inc. for using fuel cells to power vehicles for their fleets.

“Fuel cells are truly an integral part of our portfolio and part of our all-in approach,” David Danielson, Energy Department assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, said at the conference.

$600 Leases

Honda rents the FCX Clarity in 3-year leases to 25 customers for about $600 per month. The company expects to have more cars available to lease next month following production disruptions caused by last year’s earthquake in Japan, Jonathan Otto, a Honda spokesman, said..

Mercedes, which has invested $2 billion in fuel-cell vehicle research, leases 44 fuel-cell vehicles, said Sascha Simon, Mercedes-Benz USA advanced product planning director. Simon said in an interview last month that Mercedes’s first hydrogen cars for sale to retail customers will sell for “much less” than $50,000. .

“There is not that chicken-and-egg issue of what comes first, the car or the station,” he said yesterday. “Both have to happen at the same time. You can’t have one without the other.” .

Don't fail to use the link to read the full article!


MAY 23, 2012, 12:23pm ET -- In the lovely, green and quiet pastures of northern New Jersey where Edison and Einstein once reigned, Dr. Randell Mills has scored one of the greatest triumphs in scientific history, fellow scientists say: a way to use water vapor to produce any amount of cheap electricity.

Multiple scientists from six research universities and Fortune 500 companies have now provided a hefty stack of successful validation studies for the Blacklight Power CIHT fuel cell that may let drivers go 1,500 miles on nothing more than a liter of water, the company announced Monday. The discovery is useful in any need for electric power.

"Specifically, BlackLight has developed a commercially competitive, nonpolluting source of energy that forms a predicted, previously undiscovered, more stable form of hydrogen called "Hydrino” that releases two hundred times more energy than burning hydrogen, enabling ubiquitous H2O vapor to serve as the source of H2 [hydrogen] fuel," a press release on BLP's austere Web site says.

The "extraordinary claim" met extraordinary tests, according to Prof. Henry Weinberg of the renowned California University of Technology.

"It would be irrational not to be very skeptical,” Dr. Weinberg said, and I was extremely skeptical. However, after having reviewed Dr. Mills classical theory, participated in experimental designs and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of other data BLP produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims, and I encourage aggressive optimization and fast track development of a scaled up prototype,” said Dr. Weinberg. "To be able to use hydrogen from water as a cheap and nonpolluting source of power would represent one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history.”

"BLP has developed an electrochemical cell, the catalyst induced hydrino transition cell (CIHT), to harness this energy as direct electrical output," said a research report by Dr. James K. Pugh, director of technology for the Enser Corporation, which helps small companies move prototypes to mass production.

The scientists who undertook the validation studies, some "extremely skeptical" at the outset of their tests, found themselves convinced in each case, a review of the reports show.

For more, see article at


APRIL 29, 2012, 9:39 p.m. -- A new Richard Keough kit being marketed by an Atlanta HHO shop has North Georgia truckers who use it "jumping for joy," says Don Madlena of Atlanta's Energy Design, LLC., the distributor of the new Ice Machine HHO generators.

The Ice Machine uses not only the Original "Super Fuel" Electrolyte solution that enhances the mix but two titanium plates with a mixed-metal oxide coating that improves the anti-corrosive performance of the ammonia-based electrolyte. Two of the units are deployed on a 2005 Cummins 400 diesel with a 475 HP engine and were installed by Madlena's Hydrogen Propulsion Lab. The truck averaged 5.6 MPG before the kits, he said. "At about 15 amps per cell, we are consistently seeing over 7 MPG," Madlena says, a 25% savings. On one 964-mile haul, the OTR 18-wheeler averaged 7.4MPG - savings of 32%! Stainless steel plates were replaced for free with coated titanium plates after about two weeks due to corrosion, Keogh said. The owner of the truck, Roy C., "figures this will save him about $80 every day he works. He told his wife that this will make his house payment and truck payment!" Interested truckers can call Don at (770) 367-8940.


MARCH 17, 2012, 1:35 a.m.-- The new "Fuel Savers" radio show airs every Saturday from 4PM to 5PM on WTAN 1340-AM,. The show introduces listeners to HHO fuel and the HHO kits that are saving users anywhere from 20% to 40% of their fuel costs. The show will also be streamed on the Internet (just click on the show's logo here or at You can e-mail questions to and call in during the show at 866-TAN-1340 (866-826-1340). . Click on the logo here while the show is on to watch the streaming video on the Internet. "Fuel Savers" host Barry Hart will cover different aspects of the HHO industry and invites developers and the public to share ideas, talk about their own fuel-saving products and get answers to questions about HHO. It's also available on YouTube and your iPod. Barry runs Fuel Genie Systems in Clearwater, makers of my own HHO kit.


MARCH 1, 2012, 4:29PM ET -- This columnist has gotten hundreds of e-mails offering to purchase and/or invest in the "Miracle" HHO Kit presented by Tampa's Al Suarez, who says it gets amazing mileage using tiny amounts of water and almost no battery power - 0.02 amps. The old axiom of science is, "Big claims need big proof," and while we have seen and noted the high mileage of Al's earlier kits, no one has written us to say how pleased they are with the Miracle. Yet Al has hooked up with a couple of the major movers and shakers in the HHO industry, who can help him both market and manufacture the product - and nothing has happened. Why? Some say the product is too complex, while others say Al his own doubts about it. We hereby invite Al to tell us in his own words (we'll make it sound good, Al!) what's up with the Miracle and when we can hope to see it on the market. Gas is hitting $5, Al! We hope to hear from you ASAP!


JANUARY 14, 2012, 3:29PM ET -- It's not likely many of us remember or have read the 1974 hydrogen-on-deman sceintific article from NASA's CalTech facility, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., but it is an essential and enduring document of the HHO industry that remains very difficult to obtain.

Now a document of far greater importance to all Americans has become available: a NASA video stating that NASA scientists have discovered a "new form of nuclear energy" that produces excess heat - meaning more energy than is used to create it - using only the simple and cheap materials of hydrogen, nickel and carbon.

NASA says LENR has the potential to replace fossil fuels and nuclear reactors like those that recently devastated Japan and reportedly killed 14,000 Americans with radioactive fallout.

LENR, a new name for "cold fusion," has no dangerous radiation or waste. It can also transmute one element, like nickel, to another such as copper, in a process that involves no ionizing radiation and no "nasty waste." The news has come with no advance publicity - even top NASA public affairs officials were unaware of it when I spoke to them on the day of the release, and you are unlikely to hear a word about it.

That's why we're asking you to help today.

We have put the video and all the relevant information available at, where it is the top story.

We are asking you to learn the name of either your U.S. Senator or your Member of Congress, or both, and then call this number: (202)224-3121. Ask for your Senator or Congressman by name, and when someone answers, ask for the chief of staff. Tell him or her (or their secretary) about the NASA discovery, and ask the person to visit the American Reporter at and read about it.

Truthfully, if you do not do this, you can forget about getting electricity and heat virtually for free for the next couple of decades. Only politicians - who by their nature do not really want to change anything - can get this energy for our citizens because the USA owns the patent.

If the office staff asks, you can tell them The American Reporter is the oldest online daily news site in the world, was the world's first daily newspaper to originate on the Internet on April 10, 1995, and won the US Supreme Court case Shea v Reno in 1997. The American Reporter sponsors the HHO Games and this Web site,

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your help. You are doing your nation the American people, and our future generations a great service!


February 3, 2012, 3:21AM ET -- We erred recently in our reporting about Denny Klein, the man who patented HHO and triggered the HHO movement anew back in 1997. His company is now called, and details about his plans are available there. He has been working both with Al Suarez, the Tampa man who wowed everyone with his tiny, powerful HHO kit at the last HHO Games, and also with Hydrogen Gas Technologies, the Ed Grimm/Scott Harbin HHO manufacturer in Holiday, Fla., that has been a multiple prize-winner for high qua;lity kits at several HHO Games. We apologize to Denny and Bill Wylie, his partner, for screwing up our first effort on this story!


DECEMBER 1, 2011, 2:07AM ET -- Just before the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games in Sarasota, we got a call from a man named David Puchta who offered to drive a V-12 Mercedes-Benz he owns all the way from Southern California to the HHO Games in Sarasota, Fla., using only water as fuel - for $50,000! Regrettably, we had to decline his proposal, but that didn't stop David, a successful fruit-packing-plant owner not far from San Diego. Now he's sent us a video displaying the technology that he says can make it possible. Here it is:

David told us he owns a 40,000-sq.ft. packing house and that he hopes to use most of it to develop his technology further. He's a smart guy, and we hope he can pull it off!


NOVEMBER 21, 2011, 8:40PM ET -- What I'm about to show you will challenge and even demolish everything you currently know and believe about HHO kits. What is being asserted by Al Suarez, the inventor - which is the caveat to everything else below - is that with this "kit," which is hardly big enough to be called a kit, you need no hoses, no bubbler and no reservoir, and the tablespoon of water and electrolyte inside it needs to be changed only once every 9 months. The hydrogen nozzle is designed to plug directly into the air intake behind the MAF sensor. It has no moving parts. It will not trip check-engine lights. It uses at most (as on a 32-ft, 8.1-liter RV towing a Saturn) 1.5 amps of power, forever refuting the old skeptics' argument that HHO requires more energy to split water molecules than it provides as a hydrogen assist to the engine. And it sells for less than any HHO kit you can believe in - about $270, with a 1-year money-back guarantee. Here's what it looks like out of the box:

There is a downside: unlike a lightbulb or a normal HHO kit, it doesn't start working as soon as you turn the engine on. You can drive 500 miles before you get a 2-3 MPG gain, and 1,000 miles before its full effects are apparent. Who's going to wait 1,000 miles for something to work? Well, truckers who drive 1,600-2,000 miles every two days, for one. For them, the kit is just an inch longer and half an inch wider than the normal one. One man who had Al mount it on an RV at the last HHO Games says he started seeing improvements - about 3MPG - after just a few hundred miles, and that the gains took off after the 500-mile mark. Here's what it looks like when it's installed:

Let's be realistic. What we are talking about here is the proverbial "Plug 'n Play" HHO kit that all of us have been searching for since we begin this quest at the 2008 HHO Games. A lot of kits and kit-makers have come and gone since then, and in response the HHO Games themselves have shrunk even as the kits got better, cheaper and more accessible. With the kit described here, our search has ended (although Al says improvements will continue). It can nearly or more than double the gas mileage of a tiny 1.9-liter Saturn or a huge diesel 18-wheeler. It can be built by hand in 20 minutes. It can be installed by an experienced person in less than half an hour.

Want to know more? Let me know at, using the Subject: "Miracle?" Investors, assemblers and installers are needed now! (Update, 12/1/11, 2:15am ET) I've gotten dozens of orders and responses, all of which have been forwarded to Al. He lacks the resources to build his business at this time, so he is hoping to hear from a non-predatory investor. After hundreds of calls and orders for his unit, he's asked us to no longer provide his phone number.


NOVEMBER 17, 2011, 8:040PM ET -- The water-powered dune buggy that has become familiar to residents of Manatee County walked off with "Vehicle of the Year" honors at the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games & Exposition. It arrived at the Games with a burst iof fanfare and immediately drew a crowd of curious fans. The car, owned by Walt Jenkins of Anna Maria Island, is a work in progress, Jenkins explained. A recent fire destroyed his wiring system a week before his promised appearance at the Games, and even after several late nights getting it fixed, problems arose again as he drove the dune buggy to the Games on Saturday afternoon. This time the problems were not so severe, and it arrived in good condition. The vehicle will sometimes require gasoline but is capable of getting up to 95% of its fuel from water alone, he said.


NOVEMBER 16, 2011, 9:40PM ET -- We have finished selection of the HHO Games Prize Winners, which include some new categories to reflect the diversity of the Games. They are available on the PRIZES link at the top of the page now. Our warmest congratulations to all the winners!


NOVEMBER 15, 2011, 10:40PM ET -- The HHO Games proved to be a make-or-break moment for Al Suarez of Cool Fuek in Tampa come Monday morning, when his phone started ringing off the hook with orders for his new kit, The Maraca. Al said he'd gotten 25 orders for the $270 kits in a single hour, and when I called him back he got 17 more calls as we were talking! I think the real reason is that his kit is the closest thing we've seen yet to the mythical "Plug 'n Play" device we started looking for at the very first HHO Games in 2008. We thought we'd seen it several times in the 7 succeeding events. Yet until Al's Maraca came along, with its estimated 9-month water supply sealed in a round 4-inch-high kit the size and shape of a softball, "Plug 'n Play" remained an elusive dream. Al's kit, if it is all it's cracked up to be, will deliver a 50% mileage improvement on a consistent basis, uses as little as 4 milliamps to power it, and connects via two thin wires and a small, 1/4" clear plastic hose to carry about a half-lioter of mostly pure hydrogen to the air intake. I'm anxious to accept Al's latest invitation to come up to Tampa and take a closer look and a long test ride.

NOVEMBER 14, 2011, 9:40PM ET -- The 8th HHO Games & Exposition came to an end Sunday with warm congratulations and some important new commercial and personal relationships. We were glad to make the acquaintance of people like Mike Holler, Steve Casella, Ron Hatton, Len Indianer, Brian Lamb, that big Irishman (Peter) and his wife, as well as Igor (from Canada), John Dayton, Jeff Albrecht, Richard Taylor, Patrick & Susan Gaddy, Josh and his Dad, Jeff Steele and his son Chris, Chuck Reithmeyer, Wim and his wionderful wife and kids, Ulf from Amsterdam, Gary Parsons from Florida Atlantic University, Steve Evangeles from Tarpon Springs, Jeremiah, Dixie, Julie Hatton and many more. Thank you all for coming and for making this such a nice, friendly and educational event!


NOVEMBER 13, 2011, 8:40AM ET -- The big news came in on quiet shoes Saturday as fleet managers visited the HHO Games, with one German executive, CEO William Aust of Synergies, N.A., seeking as many as 50,000 kits from among the first-class vendors on display at the HHO Games on Saturday. Bill Gehrs of Florida Biodiesel, Inc., said "Friday was for the curious, the lookie-loos. Saturday the serious buyers came," he said, looking at big truck kits from Bill's shop, Florida Biodiesel, Inc., of Clearwater, from Ed Grimm and Scott Harlib's Global Hydrogen Technologies, Mike Kehrli's FuelSaver-MPG and Margate Hydro, among others. Al Suarez's amazing "Maraca" unit was an enigma to developers and a marvel to guests as it combined the reservoir and the kit in one small, round white unit not much bigger than a softball that can double an RV's mileage. The news coverage continued with a fine article in the Bradenton Herald and tv new coverage running Friday afternoon and evening and still running Saturday morning. Jeff Steele's talk on fuel management and Ron Hatton's harrowing account of a journey through the wild tangles of the EPA were also terrific. Perhaps the best of all was the special $10 Mike Holler seminar at Perkins Restaurant Saturday night, which ran over the alloted 3 hours and attracted 16 hard-core and very knowledgeable HHO enthusiastts including inventor Walt Jenkins of h2 Global, Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen Technologies and Patrick Gaddy, P.E., who came with his wife, Susan, who has been a huge help to us by handling the admissions. We are very grateful to you, Susan. Mike's 83MPG 2008 Hyundai Sonata was the object of jealous and excited attention all day. Also there and contributing from his wealth of knowledge was Mark Praught, our HHO Games seminar coordinator. My favorite demonstration had nothing to do with HHO, although it had a lot to do with green savings: It was Joe Agostino's brief talk on the difference between a 60-watt ordinary bulb and a 63-watt LED. which easily produced 5 times more illumination than the ordinary bulb mounted right next to it and will last 50 tiems as long. As local officials toss millions in taxpayer money away on lighting schools and buildings and highways with inefficient bulbs, the demonstration really brought into focus the need - and the way - to save money in our tough economic times. If ever there was an effective demonstration, the easy contrast between the 2 bulbs was it!


NOVEMBER 12, 2011, 12:00AM ET -- A terrific series of seminar presentations, more diplays and some top-notch installations - including by the renowned Al Suearez on RVs and Sealand Environmental's Mike Woolford on a semi-trailer tractor, along with Gadgetman Groove's continuing throttle-body mods - and a talk this afternoon by FuelSaver-MPG's Mike Kehrli of Portland, Ore., kick off Day 2 of the HHO Games at 9 a.m. at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, 5500 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243, Tel. (941) 355-6228. Also there will be Jeff Steele to talk about upgrading our industry's data with his Global Marine Consulting fuel management system. Both Patrick Gaddy, representing Dr. Howard Phillips' revolutionary process for the unlimited production of hydrogen without electricity, and Len Indianer, author of "The H Factor" will appear. One of the world's foremost tuning experts, Mike Holler of Ecosceptor LLC and his 83MPG Hyundai Sonata are in the lineup. Holler will also offer a special post-Games seminar at 7:30 PM at Perkins Restaurant (in the Garden Room), right under the huge American flag north of the Museum at 60th St. in Bradenton. All-news SNN Channel 6 has been airing a report on the HHO Games all night after shooting it at mid-day. Thank you, SNN!


NOVEMBER 11, 2011, 12:00AM ET -- Today's start of the Fall 2011 HHO Games & Exposition event - our 8th event if we include the Hydrogen Builders Conference at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune last year - kicks off today at 9 a.m. at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, 5500 North Tamiai Trail Sarasota, FL 34243, Tel. (941) 355-6228. Vendors and our volunteer lighting team from LED Illumination Concepts LLC were busy all day Thursday getting things ready for Nov. 11-13 Veterans Day Weekend attendees, while new Inventors like Chris Brown and Demonstrators like Al Suarez and Walt Jenkins are due on Saturday. SNN News has promised us coverage for today's show. Among the unexpected early arrivals were our friends Emmet and Al, who are hoping to find a product or products they can literally invest millions of dollars in - preferably in the marine industry. Mike Kehrli flew in from Portland, Ore., to set up his amazing FuelSaver-MPG technology, and Ron Hatton was met at the Tampa airport by Mark Praught as he arrived from Arizona. We met Brian Lamb, our fitrst paying guest and a 14-year veteran of Brown's Gas research who flew down eager to join folks at the special Mike Holler Seminar on Advanced Tuning and Controls. That will be at the Garden Room of Perkins Restaurant, located 3 miles north of the Sarasota Classic Car Museum on US 41 between Bayshore Gardens Parkway (61st St) and 60th St. Saturday evening. It will be from 6:30p.m. -9 p.m. ET (admission for this one special event is $10). Just look for the huge American flag on the right (west) side of the street as you're headed north. Veterans and the disabled will be admitted to the HHO Games free today, and admission for others is just $3. Those who would also like a tour of the Classic Car Museum and have paid admission to the HHO Games will get a healthy $2.50 discount to $6 if they have their hand stamped at the door. Kids under 12 and those with student IDs are also admitted free. We're also hoping for a last-minute arrival by Sealand Environmental's Mike Wolford, who will be doing an install on semi-trailer - always an interesting and educational experience to observe. Regular rates apply on Saturday and Sunday. Also, the stand-in for Dr. Howard Phillips, who has pioneered a checmical process for creating hydrogen-on-demand in unlimited quantities, is Patrick Gaddy, a Savannah engineer and architect. Overflow parking may be available across the street from the Museum (the west side of US41) at the USF Sarasota-Manatee Campus, which is closed for Veterans Day. Call seminar coordinator Mark Praught at 305-393-0591, or our friend Harry Williams at 941-518-9587, for directions or other information. One more note: the HHO Flea Market table is full and will now be expanded. Great bargains abound!


NOVEMBER 9, 2011, 7:47PM ET -- Good news from Richard Keough tonight: SNN6, the premiere TV news organization in the Sarasota region, will be covering the setup of the HHO Games & Exposition tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 10) at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. While we don't know the time they'll come, they usually arrive in the morning and edit tape for afternoon and evening news broadcasts. SNN is a subsidiary of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, a New York Times regional newspaper serving the southern part of Greater Tampa Bay, including Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties. Richard's Moreco Energy is the major seller of the hot new ammonia-based Super Fuel electrolyte that cuts the 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen ro 2:11 by joining the oxygen instead to molecules of nitrogen from ammonia. He has been pitching in to help with our publicity for a year now. A former stock broker, he adapted the Dan Merrick electrolyte process (with Dan's help) for what has become an international following. Thanks for the hard work, Richard - and welcome, SNN6!


NOVEMBER 9, 2011, 5:26PM ET -- If you plan to show a car or get an HHO Kit or Gadgetman Groove installation, please note that the gates on the north side of the Sarasota Car Museum will open Friday morning at 8:30AM sharp, not 8AM as previously stated. There's a McDonald's just north on US 41, opposite Dolphin Aviation if you need to hang out before the gates open. There will be no access before that. One-day spaces are available for $5 for Friday or Sunday, so call Joe at *941)462-2616 if you would like to reserve one!


NOVEMBER 8, 2011, 10:20PM ET -- We were sorry to hear that our friend Ken Woodham of Cheraw, S.C., has turned up with a variety of ailments and won't be able to come to Florida with his family. He, his wife aqnd two grand-kids planned to be my house guests. While we will miss Ken, who was looking forward to seeing Richard Keough and learning about his Super Fuel Electrolytes, the table next to Richard's will now be available. Any vendor who can make the trip will be welcome in his place. I have not been able to reach Steve Carroll of Sealand Environmental for that purpose, so if you should see this, Steve, please give me a call. Anyone else interested in the table can call me at 941-462-2616.


NOVEMBER 8, 2011, 10:05PM ET -- There won't be any impact in Florida from Tropical Storm Sean, which has done a U-turn in the Atlantic away from Florida and out to sea. However, Bermuda does appear to be in in its possible new path. In any case, the Sarasota-Bradenton region has suffered a direct hit from a hurricane since 1923.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011, 12:20PM ET -- One of the major issues in the HHO industry is the difficulty of providing accurate, real-time and useful data on the relationship between fuel consumption, hydrogen production and engine performance. Jeff Steele, a former Director of Operations for Chris-Craft who is just completing a $300,000 HHO system for a seagoing four-engine ferry (not shown) that uses 6,000 gallons of fuel a day, knows the importance of that data like no one else. The owner of Jeff's new HHO fuel management system will save $1 million a year! Steele's Global Marine Consulting, which with Bradenton-based Sealand Environmental equipped TV's famous "Time Bandit" for HHO on "The Deadliest Catch," has broken new ground by creating a whole suite of tools that he marries to Modesto, Calif.-based Central Valley HHO kits to let large vehicle and vessel owners back home know exactly how much fuel operators use and save as they sail or drive. With a $6,000 microprocessor, digital fuel gauges, torque readers and the HHO kits pumping up to 8 liters per minute, the system tells owners via a data link and monotors - within a tolerance of 1% - exactly what is happening to their fuel. They know how much hydrogen is being produced, what speed will save the most money, and when to trade off their hydrogen speed and power boost, for instance, while driving uphill, saving vital hours with an optimal use of fuel. With the data from all Jeff's tools, Jeff can usually producee an average of 26% in savings on fuel expense in large vessels or vehicles. "HHO people have to think of themselves as folks who run 'fuel management systems' in order to fully integrate their HHO kits into the larger operating system," Jeff says. "That will not only help them sell their kits but help fleet and vessel operators make a big contribution to the bottom line." Jeff will be speaking on the use of reliable data in HHO operations on Saturday at 9:45 in the Display Hall.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011, 12:20PM ET-- Move-in time on Thursday at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum has changed by one hour. We will move in at 9AM instead of 8AM. There are several reasons: first, the museunm staff won't have to come in an hour earlier than usual; and second, With Yvonne and Erica of the Museum staff and Harry Williams, Mark Praught and myself, the set-up of tables, chairs, projector, screen, sound and stage and Vendor Spaces will be completed Wednesday afternoon. Vendors will only have to bring their products. Lighting enhancements will be completed on Thursday at no charge.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011, 12:20PM ET-- If you'd like a break at middday Saturday, there's a terrific program RIGHT across the street at the amazing Ringling Museum of Art, founded by Ringling Bros. circus owners John and Mabel Ringling. The Center Ring Saturdays program introduces kids and adults to the magic of the circus with real authority and experience. That goes from 12:00pm to 2pm and features the celebrated aerialist, "Queen of the Air" Dolly Jacobs. If you're a lover of classical music, you can hear Chinese-born pianist Di Wu , a prize-winner of the Van Clburn Competition XVIII, in concert after the HHO Games at the Ringling Museum Sunday night, Nov. 13, at 7:30pm. Tickets at the door are $40.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011, 12:40PM ET -- All is spic 'n span today for incoming HHO Games visitors at the Knights Inn, where some rooms are still available. The hotel graciously mounted a welcome sign just for us on its US41/N. Tamiami Trail marquee, and rooms are ready. They are large, clean, attractive rooms with king-size or double beds and all have a large convertible couch and two breakfast tables and chairs for guests. Breakfast consists of coffee and orange joice, two kinds of cold cereals, bagel, cream cheese, butter and toadst, as well as oatmeal. WiFi is free. Rooms with larger handicapped-accessible bathrooms are available at no extra cost. The $39.50 rate is still intact, but visitors should call the hotel directly and mention the HHO Games or the car museum to get that special rate. The number to call is 941-355-8867 (not the 800 line, which can't offer this rate) and use the code phrase "Car Museum." Ask for Arvin if you have any problems. There's no bedbigs, the neighborhood is afe and the pool is lively. There's a large open yard big enough for soccer, Frisbee and kids to run out back.


NOVEMBER. 5, 2011 11:45AM -- It's truly a "green universe" at Green Energy Savings Co., the Florida distributor of Cerma ceramic metal treatment for cars and other mechanical devices - especially air conditioning units - and suppliers of high-quality LEDs for every lighting need. The company has volunteered to provide lighting for all the Vendor tables at the HHO Games in the Display Hall at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. At left, check out the sign they created for April HHO Games at Dolphin Aviation..

In another clever move, Joe and Michael Agostino and honcho Eric Carosiello are inviting fleet managers they know from around the state to come to the Games and check out the range of HHO generators offered by folks like Bill Gehrs, Ken Woodham, Ed Grimm and Rickard Keough. The company wants to forge new relationships at the Games on a commission basis by directing their invitees to the other Vendors. Vendors should try to provide lamps with a regular socket for their tables, but we can work around that if necessary, says Agostino.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011, 10:30AM ET -- Joe Shea's CNN iReport on how the Associated Press has failed to report the successful test witnessed by its Science writer of Andrea Rossi's 470,000-watt Energy Catalyzer, or E Cat, has gotten more than 7,500 readers and was emailed out to other people 66 times. As Peswiki's Sterling Allan originally reported, the large E Cat - made up of 107 smaller home-sized 5,000-watt reactors - was bought by an unidentified buyer last week. Rossi says he is going straight to market with other large E Cats and then will introduce smaller ones.. Word is out but unconfirmed that the buyer was a NATO military officer. The smaller 5,000-watt reactors would cover the average home's electrical needs and sell for about $5,000 when introduced. Manufacturing is set to begin in Miami, a violent and dangerous city where corrupt bureaucrats and zoning officials are likely to make life difficult for him, while unions will slow him down at the congested Port of Miami. We urge him to try problem-free Port Manatee near Bradenton, Fla., the closest U.S. port to the expanding Panama Canal. There, new Encouragement Zone projects pay no taxes for years. Del Monte does most of its local shipping out of Port Manatee. One packing plant operator in California told us early last week that he's paying $17,000 a month to air-condition or heat his 44,000-sq.ft plant. In two hot summer months, he could amortize the cost of 6 E Cats and never pay a power bill again!


NOVEMBER 4, 2011, 3:35PM ET -- No secret has proved more elusive for HHO enthusiasts than the patented but impenetrable - and still unreplicated - system built to run cars on water by Clearwater, Fla.-based inventor Stanley Meyer, who died under mysterious circumstances after finishing a restaurant meal on March 21, 1996. Now, Mike Holler of Ecosceptor LLC, a Pennsylvania-based expert on every phase of HHO, plans to illuminate some of those secrets at 3PM Sunday afternoon in his seminar, "The Secrets of Stanley Meyer" on the Main Stage. He has studied the filed patent and many other documents for 2 decades. Holler's 83MPG 2008 Hyundai Sonata was entered in the $10 Million Automotive X Games will be on display in Demonstrator Zone Space C. Call (941)462-2616 for the Saturday night talk.

Mike is also giving a special seminar, "Advanced HHO Tuning & Controls" Saturday night at a location that will be announced when Mike speaks at 2PM on Friday, Nov. 11, on "Tuning Your Car for HHO." At Mike's insistence, the $10 entry fee for that event will be shared with the HHO Games.


NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 5:59PM ET -- With just a simple, Dan Merrick-style Ammonia Battery Cell, which can be made for less than $150 in parts for a motorcycle battery, good fittings, hose, a PVC bubbler and Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), Rick's good friend Chester Hournbuckle achieved a 196% increase in his 6-year-old, heavy-duty 4x4 Off Road, a Ford F250 diesel. These kinds of mileage results are bringing folks back to HHO for a second look - even as we forge ahead to hydrogen-on-demand vehicles running only on water. I wish he'd drive it to the HHO Games!


NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 5:59PM ET --With Al Suarez taking a third space for his phenomenal 83MPG Toyota and two RVs - one installed, and the other to be installed Saturday - and Green Energy Savings Co. taking the last one, our Demonstrator Zone has filled up. Inside, Tables 2 and 10 and Space A remain available at this year's extra-low rates. We want to thank everyone for their continued support. Al was giving us some results on his own RV, which has gone from 6MPG to 9.5MPG after the installation of his tiny kit. He said the RV kit is drawing just 3 amps. His talk on Saturday at 10AM is going to be a revelation to many! A bote to all in the Demonstration Zone: With Al taking the last space, he wanted his three vehicles to be adjacent to each other so that he could talk aboyt them to Games visitors outside. For that reason, we have moved all the other Demonstrato vehicles down (toward Space A) by 1 space. We appreciate your cooperation.


NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 1:36PM ET -- We've been alerted by HHO INFORMATION chief Gabet123 that a number of HHO builders are in need of a way to find technical help as they expand their businesses. Hundreds of those folks come to the HHO Games, and we're committed to helping put Americans back to work. For that reason, we will make space available free for developers who want to come to meey and interview new hires. Some of the obvious needs would be for people skilled in fabricating, assembling and installing hydrogen generators (write or call 941-462-2616).


NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 1:36PM ET -- Three spaces are still available for Vendors and inventors. In one case, Space D by the stage (see the SHOW SETUP button at top) will be available only on Friday, usually the busiest day. If you are an Inventor and have something to demonstrate, or would like to be a Vendor there for one day, please get in touch. We will try to accommodate any reasonable offer (write or call 941-462-2616).

NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 1:36PM ET -- The HHO Games needs 3 or 4 volunteers on either (or all of) Thursday, Friday and over the weekend for whatever time they can spend. We need a gofer, who can do various simple things that need doing, someone to help us organize parking in the museum lot and any overflow, someone with a cellphone to answer calls for directions, someone to man the admission table, to help at the HHO Flea Market table and tooversee the food concession. Please write or call if you can help! (write or call 941-462-2616)


NOVEMBER 3, 2011, 1:03AM ET -- We went to the 24-hr. FedExKinko's on US41 tonight, and an hour later walked away with a 15-ft banner with 19" letters to advertise the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games on US 41 at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum - for just $24. Now we have to use a roll of doubled-over clear plastic I've been saving and find a way to mount it where folks will notice. We'll let you know how it turns out! Our friend Sparky in Jefferson City, Mo., suggests getting a contact-type roll of wallpaper and rolling the banner right over the back. Sounds pretty good! (Write or call 941-462-2616 if you have ideas).


NOVEMBER 2, 2011, 4:33AM ET -- Mike Kehrli, a towering Stanford graduate who is the world's leading expert on 2 or 3 sensors that can disrupt proper functioning of HHO generators, will speak and display his high-level EFIE designs at the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games. "Many exciting technologies exist today for increasing the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines. However, in order to get the gains from these technologies, the electronics of modern vehicles must be confronted and handled," Mike says. "We are a specialty site that does just that. We have studied the effect of fuel saving technologies on your vehicle's sensors and developed products to correct for these effects. By doing this, all of the mileage gains available from the fuel saving technology can be achieved." Mike's low-cost, well-executed designs for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers - EFIEs, for short - have saved many an HHO enthusiast hours of frustration as O2 sensors react to the presence of extra oxygen generated by the electrolysis of water to create HHO - 2 atoms of hydrogen bound with one atom of oxygen. His company, FuelSaver-MPG, is based in Portland, Ore., so he's flying in to save 6 days of driving. We just wish we could see a fwq of the high-mileage vehicles he's outfitted in a demo slot one day at the Games! No one can beat him for low price and total knowledge of his art. Watch the evolving AGEDA page (above) to track his seminars. It'll be great to see you, Mike!


NOVEMBER 1, 2011, 4:48PM ET -- A pioneer in the Florida HHO industry, Bill Gehrs of Florida Biodiesel, Inc., in Clearwater, called today and told us he'll be taking one of the few remaining spaces at the Nov. 11-14 HHO Games at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Bill is thought to be the first commercial dealer of HHO products in Florida, and he'll be showing a few of his high-power 4 liter-per-minute hydrogen on-demand its for the big trucks that cross our nation and pay a huge price (passed on to us) for diesel. Bill's over-the-road HH2 units can same them as much as $100 a day - anywhere from 10% to 25%, depending on the engine make, the size of the tank and the number of his units they use. In some case, it could save these brave truckers a quarter of their fuel costs - tens of thousands of dollars a year. Along with selling some new units, Bill may be the first to take advantage of our free HHO Flea Market. Everything he does is done with excellence, care and strong commitments to the customer. He also makes terrific sandwiches, as he demonstrated at the Hydrogen Builder Conference last year! Bill will be in Space 1, appropriately, and one of his kits on a big pickup will be displayed outside in Demonstrator Zone Spce C.. One or two spaces remain available in the Display Hall now , and just two in the Demonstration Zone!


OCTOBER 29, 2011, 2PM ET -- Inventor Chris Brown, a woman of unbridled imagination and long experience, will join her husband Roy on Inventor’s Row (Space D, at left of the stage) to show a “mister” that predated the HHO industry and delivered a carbureted vehicle of hers top mileage in the ‘70s, around the time three scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., were studying HHO and producing the first scientific paper on the technology. Her work may be the source of new ideas for some of you!


OCTOBER 31, 2011, 1:19AM ET -- As editor of the American Reporter, which has an article by me ("Power for the People") about the Rossi cold fusion reactor we've been discussing (see below), I wrote Rossi to pose a question about a generator that is seen running during the demonstration of his 1Mw cold fusion reactor.

Below is his reply (in slightly broken English), and some warm words for those of you coming to the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games, where he was invited to speak:

Rossi's note also included some information about the generator that ran outside the building throughout the demonstration to power heat dissipators and water pumps feeding the machine. Those remarks are included in the article in my CNN iReport, which has gotten 6,514 readers so far!


OCTOBER 29, 2011, 4:44PM ET -- Check out the SHOW SETUP page via the button at the top of this page. We have two new vendors from Pennsylvania, including Mike Holler's Ecosceptor LLC and DICI Products. Mike, an expert on Efies and turning for HHO, will be giving several seminars during the Nov 11-13 Games and has contributed an article on HHO Tuning for our page. You can find it to the right of this column by scrolling down to the light green box entitled "More Hydrogen Resources." It's the top item. Mike is bringing his amazing Automotive X Games entry, a 2008 Hyundai Sonata that will blow your socks off - remember, you had to get extremely high mileage to enter. The car will be in Demonstration Zone Space D, and his table will be in the Display Hall at Space 7. DICI, which sells HHO kits and gear, will be in Space 6. We'll have more about them both later this week. Meanwhile, a few vendor and demonstrator spaces remain, so call Joe Shea at 941-462-2616 to snap one up.


2:33PM ET, Oct. 31, 2011 -- Jeff Albrecht of Colorado is coming to the HHO Games and would like to share ride. Anyone from the region heading east? Here's his note:

Thanks Joe, Looking for a car to travel in as a passenger from Boulder/Denver to the HHO Games. Will split all travel expenses. Have a hotel lined up just 2-blocks from the Car Museum with 2 double beds for $42. Can leave car in any town between Boulder/Denver and Florida, but the closer the better. Please contact Jeff Albrecht at 303-554-0430. Jeff
It may be that two or three could make it very affordable!


OCTOBER 28, 2011, 6:13PM ET -- Here, from Sterling Allan of Peswiki, is the first video we've seen of the E Cat in operation - producing 478,000 watts of power with no power inpout!

Update: There may be some bad news from the Associated Press about their coverage of the Rossi E Cat demonstration discussed below. According to sources at AP and elsewhere, there were discussions about the piece with Science Editor Kim Frieden ( She has apparently decided to sit on it, even after flying Peter Svensson all the way from New York to Bologna to cover the event. I suppose this should have been expected. They are a strange and unpredictable organization.




OCTOBER 28, 2011, 4:23am -- One has to ask, when the day has come that, and Network World have called one of the most momentous days in world history - the demonstration of a 1,000,000-watt cold fusion reactor that can eliminate oil as a source of fuel forevermore - why major media like CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox and the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post have completely missed, ignored or spiked the news?

Even though people ranging from NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell, Nobel Physics Laureate Brian Josephson and the chairman of the energy committee of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences - who helps pick the Nobel Prize winner - have endorsed it, the E Catalyzer of Italian scientist Andrea Rossi that will be turned on for its 11th and final public demonstration - for fellow scientists, journalists and a customer, described as a major industrial organization - who's coming at the University of Bologna Friday is still unknown to the American public.

In a word: the Big Oil behemoth that stands astride the world of energy has forbidden it, and none dare brook its rage. Even the energy subcommittee staff of Rep. Henry Waxman had never even heard of the device (at left), much less of the test, but top NASA scientists and engineers and famed U. of Illinois Prof. George Miley, have studied it under a deep veil of unwanted secrecy - and Miley says he has replicated similar work by late inventor James Patterson at the prestigious Urbana-Champaign campus, site of one of the world's most powerful computers.

Yet on Friday, when the supposed vital news organs of the planet are elsewhere, the American public may still be in the dark. (For more, see "TOP SECRET: ROSSI COLD FUSION DEVICE TOPIC OF NASA CHAT" on Oct. 21, below)

Update, 6:10AM Here are two Twitter feeds that are supposed to have started tweeting and blogging about an hour ago, but both have posted nothing so far. The delay may be due to the four hours it takes the device to warm up. The biggest story now seems to be the AP writer that I got to come through my friend Fisniak Abrashi, an AP editor in London. He called Rome and they called New York, which got an AP Science writer on a plane to Italy when they heard the story. The fellow is there now and has the global exclusive for the mainstream press.!/PESNetwork!/22passi

Update, 6:14AM: First Tweet, from Sterling Allan of Peswiki:

PES Network, Inc.

I'm here at the 1 MW test. They asked us not to report until after the test. Waiting my turn to go see.

Update: There was a note to someone from Rossi on his last-minute preparations (NB: His English is faulty):

Thank you: now it's 4 p.m. of the 27th, and we are finishing the cosmetics of the plant. I think tomorrow we will make, with the help of God, a good job. My work, basically, is finished. Within one hour the Consultants of the Customer will arrive to start the check of all the parts of the plant and prepare all their stuff for the test of tomorrow. Until some hour ago I felt a strong pressure, now, at the eve of the battle, as usual, I am recovering all my coldness and calm. We are ready.

Warm Regards, A.R.

Read more:

Update, 3:57am ET, 10/28/11 (957AM in Bologna): This comes from Sterling Allan of Peswiki in Bologna:

AP Writer Approved I just spoke to Andrea Rossi by phone. He invited me to come earlier than 11, at 9:30 am [GMT+1], as they "are ready". He said the AP writer from NYC has the address, and is approved to attend; and I will meet him this morning. He asked me to postpone posting the PowerPoint presentation Hank and I prepared for the event until tomorrow. I'm going to go catch breakfast. -- SilverThunder 22:45, 27 October 2011 (PDT)


OCTOBER 26, 2011, 4:06pm -- Bright House Networks, the Florida Time-Warner cable subsidiary, has given a $12,500 grant to run HHO Games & Exposition Public Service Announcements a minimum of 250 times on the MSNBC, National Geographic, TNT, Travel, TV Land, A&E, Spike and TRU-TV channels, according to Bright House Public Affairs Director Leah Brown. We thanked her profusely while congratulating her on the birth of her 8 lb., 4 oz baby girl! We will get a full report at the end of the "autofill" run - meaning the PSA runs in Manatee County whenever an ad slot is unfilled - that began on Oct. 24 and goes through Nov. 13. The last time this happened, in 2008, the HHO Games drew 2,500 people. Once again, thank you, Bright House, and congratulations, Leah!


OCTOBER 24, 2011, 12:50PM -- One of the most exciting fuel-saving developments in years is coming to the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Ron Hatton, better known as Gadgetman Groove, will offer a completely new $500 licensing plan for individuals and do real-time installations for clients at the Games.

Rick McKean, the organizer of the Pecos Twister rally earlier this month, gives it a strong endorsement. "Ron Hatton (Gadgetman) has a patented modification to any carburetor or throttle body for gasoline engines. It takes about one hour to modify the throttle body and increases horsepower and gas mileage. This modification can work with HHO. Jeanie and I drove to Phoenix last week to meet him and had our 2001 Cadillac modified and her dad's Suburban which I had taken off and put into a box. Both vehicles are amazing!" Rick said in an e-mail to us.

In a note from the Gadgetman, Ron told us "The Gadgetman Groove was born in a small garage, on a folding table in the spring of 2009 in Gilbert, AZ. Since that time, it has been successfully applied to thousands of engines world-wide with the end result of every engine operating at increased levels of efficiency. Reduction in emissions and fuel consumption along with dramatic increases in power delivery have been noted by virtually every one who has experienced this amazing technology." The Gadgetman Groove can reportedly save 5 or more miles per gallon, and can lead to far greater gains coupled with HHO, he says.

Ron's work will be on display at Space F in the gated parking lot.


OCTOBER 24, 2011, 3:07PM -- Here's a YouTube video hot off the press from Barry Hart's "Fuel Savers" show featuring Barry, star developer Ed Grimm and a short, fat bald guy in a black T-shirt (oops! That's me!). We had a great discussion, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

You can also see streaming video from the show anywhere in the world by clicking on the Fuel Savers logo in the Oct. 22 story below anytime between 4PM and 5PM (US Eastern Time) on Saturday afternoons.


OCTOBER 22, 2011, 8:27PM -- We were invited under the strictest secrecy today to view a lawnmower-sized engine that runs on water.

It was anticlimactic, in a sense: We poured in a quart or so of water, turned a key to start it and it ran for about 9 minutes. Then a sensor inside turned it off by itself to protect electronics that must remain wet inside the padlocked and sealed orange box that contains the green liquid catalyst, creates the hydrogen and holds the water for electrolysis.

A 1" clear plastic hoses runs from the box to the engine, and other than the odorless, colorless hydrogen and a little vapor, no chemical or gasoline variant that we could smell or otherwise discern passed through it. The resulting exhaust was also odorless. A rag next to the device, however, smelled strongly of gasoline, and the inventor was unable to explain that. Skeptics say he may have used a clarifier to make the gasoline colorless, a fine spray nozzle to vaporize the gasoline and hydrogen electrolysis to bind to the gas to make it both odorless and invisible, but what would be the point? The device produces a couple of liters a minute and runs on as little as 2 amps.

So why are we writing about it?

Because so far, three well-known billionaires, engineers from a major automaker, the CEO of one of the largest independent auto parts suppliers (a household name), all at different times, have flown in their corporate jet sto this small corner of Florida to see the otherwise absolutely normal 11hp engine, mounted on a countertop with nothing below it, run on the most abundant fuel in the universe - uncompressed hydrogen-on-demand (i.e., not stored in a tank that can explode but used up as sson as it's made) from water and a few cents worth of ordinary, off-the-shelf household chemicals.

The device is the result of four years of intensive work, and may be the best hope yet that not long from now American cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks will run on nothing more expensive than water.

The inventor, a native Californian who was badly beaten by two men who initially said they wanted to partner with his company, will not provide his name, location or any other significant details that could identify him to the general public.

But, like Steve Jobs, once the pending patents he has are legally protected, he may become our next great American innovator, a new Thomas Edison. Once he is indemnified against patent thieves, he expects to license the hydrogen generator for worldwide manufacturing. The inventor told us he will do his best to be at the HHO Games, but will not be displaying his new engine or reveal more information than is presented here.


Oct. 22, 2011 1:25PM -- The new "Fuel Savers" radio show airs for just the second time today from 4PM to 5PM on WTAN 1340-AM, and will introduce listeners to HHO fuel and the HHO kits that are saving users anywhere from 20% to 40% of their fuel costs. The show will also be streamed on the Internet (just click on the show's logo at You can e-mail questions to and call in during the show at 866-TAN-1340 (866-826-1340). You can also click on the logo here while the show is on to watch the streaming video from the show or hear the audio. "Fuel Savers" host Barry Hart will cover different aspects of the HHO industry on every show, and invites developers and the general public to share ideas, talk about their own fuel-saving products and get answers to questions about HHO. He'll also tell folks about the upcoming Nov. 11-13 HHO Games. Barry runs the highly successful Fuel Genie Systems in Clearwater, makers of our own HHO kit.


Oct. 21, 2011 3:36PM -- A conference at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, that brought together key scientific and energy experts on Sept. 22 to discuss the latest advances in cold fusion (now known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or LENR), including the hydrogen-based, 1-megawatt "E Cat" device due to be tested in Bologna, Italy on Oct. 28, deliberately decided not to take any notes, audio or video recordings of the event.

The E-Cat for Home Use

"It was not an oversight, it was a decision that was made by the workshop participants," said Diane Billik, an administrative support assistant at NASA who organized the event, in an email to The American Reporter.

"Although I was the POC for organizing the LENR Workshop here at Glenn, I am not able to distribute any materials that were presented. The event was not recorded so there is no audio or video available. A decision has not yet been made as to how, if, or when these will be distributed (to my knowledge) and my participation was limited to organizing the workshop," Billik said.

The Oct. 28 demonstration at the University of Bologna, which only yesterday reached the mainstream media with an article by Mark Gibbs published Oct. 17 in, could upend the entire spectrum of conventional energy, the article said.

The secrecy apparently was invoked to allow participants to speak freely about their ideas on a topic that has long been tabu.

"What Rossi likes to gloss over is this. Imagine you have a hot water tank that has a heating cycle of hours instead of minutes - and notice he hasn't demonstrated turning one back on. Now if what he was first boasting about- enriched pure isotopes of nickel in bulk quantities - this would be the real breakthrough, which [Dr. Randell] Mills has alluded to. What Rossi again will be doing is putting a system in a state identical to one that will be measured later, just as one would expect for a system designed for continuous operation," said a scientist queried by the HHO Games.

In another key development, a consortium of top cold fusion scientists working separately has been formed to carry the technology forward. The consortium includes Dr. Randell Mills of BlackLight Power in Cranbury, NJ, whose theories about the ground state of hydrogen have been jeered by DOE Secretary and Nobel Laureate Dr. Stephen Chu, yet were validated in part in February tests by the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell

 Nobel Physics Laureate Brian Josephson has endorsed the Rossi device, as had the chair of the Energy Committee of Sweden's Royal Academy of Sciences, who helps vet Nobel Prize winners, when he saw a demonstration in Bologna in February. An article on innovation that included an interview with NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell (above) about the Italian device and photos of it appeared in The American Reporter on July 16, 2011, where it is still available.


UPDATE OCT. 18, 2011 -- Rooms are going fast. We recommend that you book quickly to get one. call 941-355-8867 and use the code phrase, "Car Museum."
1:47PM ET, Oct. 4, 2011 -- Travelers to the HHO Games Nov. 11-13 will get a break on lodging at the Knights Inn in Sarasota, walking distance from the Classic Car Museum and the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).

A room with a king-sized bed is just $39.95 for 1 or 2 persons, and with 2 double beds is $42.95 for 1 or 2 (bring a friend!). The hotel, which is newly furnished and now the scene of a movie shoot for the nearby Ringling Museum, offers a free Continental breakfast, free in-room WiFi and a lovely pool. NOTE: To book the rooms at the HHO Games rate, call 941-355-8867 and use the code phrase, "Car Museum." This rate is not available from the hotel chain's 1-800 number reservations service. Speak to Arvin if there are any problems.


5:19AM ET, Oct. 20, 2011 -- A well-regarded group of techies has launched the first part of their long-in-development plug 'n play HHO kit. "As some of you know, we have been working on a fully integrated plug and play HHO system. Well, good news: we are going to be releasing the first part of the system, the driver module," the hHOFEe group (that's the real spelling!) said in a blog post to HHO INFORMATION today. Check out their first post and follow the discussion on HHO INFO.


11:10AM ET, Oct. 20, 2011 -- Have parts, unused kits and accessories you'd like to sell to close out or update your inventory? Plates, boxes, PWMs, EFIEs and other items are ideal for our new HHO Flea Market. With hundreds of HHO Games visitors coming from around the country, we're offering the opportunity for vendors, developers and inventors to polish up their stuff and sell it at a profit. You pay only $10 to share a table or tables to display your wares, and half of that money will go to the HHO-INFORMATION Web site to help defray its costs. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will enjoy and profit from while helping a good cause. Space is necessarily limited, so don't delay. Call Joe at (941)462-2616 to sign up.


2:40PM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- Bright House Networks, the Tampa Bay region subsidiary of cable giant Time-Warner, has accepted and will begin airing our HHO Games & Expo Public Service Aannouncement soon, we learned today. Charles Clapsaddle of Manatee Educational TV, who produced the Robin Miller video (scroll down a few items to see it), gave us the good news just a few minutes ago. It will reach hundreds of thousands of households in the Tampa Bay region via all the major cable channels and Bay News 9, the company's flagship local news outlet, until Nov. 13. The PSA was critical to the success of our 2008 Games, attracting 2,500 people and airing more than 450 times. Thank you, Bright House!


2:30PM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- A Texas man will be at the HHO Games to line up suppliers of internal components – not boxes - for 100 to 200 truck kits he hopes to sell over the coming year. As a manufacturer of aluminum boxes for a variety of needs, he plans only to assemble the parts and provide his own branded boxes for them. If you have excess inventory, are going out of business and need to sell parts, already are - or are looking at - becoming a parts distributor, we'll be happy to introduce you to Tony Kastens at the show. He'll be staying at the Knights Inn.


12:30PM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- The HHO Games & Exposition has authorized Moreco Energy CEO Richard Keough to make a deal with anyone who wants to have a display, inventor or demonstrator space at the 8th HHO Games on Nov. 11-13, 2011, at the Classic Car Museum in Sarasota, Fla. He can sell the $250 and $125 spaces at any price he wants. Our rental deposit was paid three weeks early but Vendors we counted on are going out of business even as oil prices rise again. Richard can help you get back in business and also earn big commissions on space sales. Call him today at (941)244-6343 to get ridiculously low rates for remaining spaces! Why? We've got hotels full of people and hundreds more coming, and we want all of them to see how exciting our industry really is!


12:20PM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- On Nov. 10, 2011, the founder of the HHO Games & Exposition - that's me! - has been invited to speak at the regular meeting of the influential St. Petersburg Permaculture Society, which works to create a sustainable environment and has a strong interest in alternative energy. The coordinator for the event, Kalika Novoa, has promised to bring some of the society's 60-odd members to the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games in nearby Sarasota.


11:49AM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- Al Suarez, the Tampa inventor who claims he can get a huge boost in mileage from installation of a tiny HHO kit, will add an live installation on a large RV to his presentation at the HHO Games on Nov. 12, he told us today. RVs are a major new market - "new" because the earlier numbers have been small, not because installers haven't tried - and if the kit works as advertised, some may see mileage gains in the 50% range. Al's signature installation is his 2007 Toyota Corolla, which gets 83MPG, he says, using only a half amp of battery power. Come out and prove him wrong - if you can!


11:40AM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- Under conditions of the strictest secrecy, we've been invited to experience a new all-HHO car very soon. We have known the inventor for years now, and we're looking forward to see what he has created. As we are not permitted to reveal his name or location - he says the vehicle has already brought one attempt on his life - we will let you know next week what we've seen and think. Just imagine a future without the cost of gasoline!


11:30AM ET, Oct. 19, 2011 -- New evaluators are being sought by Dr. Howard Phillips for his Carbon Catalyzer products. "The reason we are changing our policy and opening up our evaluation program is that recent feedback from evaluators seems encouraging - with reports that people have used CC and successfully produced hydrogen at rates of 1 LPM, 4 LPM, 6.5 LPM and 20 LPM. So, I think it is time to make CC available to those who want it, knowing that independent evaluators seem to be reproducing the results that we have reported," he told us in a note this morning. Dr. Phillips suggests that anyone interested first download a PDF file at


10:22PM ET, Oct. 17, 2011 -- We believe there's been a problem in receiving our e-mail as we get messages from multiple folks saying they sent stuff we've never received. To help, I've re-posted our e-mail address ( above, and if you have not gotten a response to any email you sent to me, please let me know ASAP. We do respond to all our e-mail, and it bugs us that we may have missed some.


10:18PM ET, Oct. 17, 2011 -- Saudi Basic Industries, a group that takes a strong interest in new energy developments, has been hitting the HHO Games Web site recently, and we hope their well-known investment prowess may lead them to Sarasota Classic Car Museum on Nov. 11-13, 2011. They are among the many hundreds of new visitors galvanized by Sterling Allan's Peswiki site on alternative energy projects. One of those is the E-Cat, which is a hydrogen-based power generator from inventor Andrea Rossi (at the center of a media scrum in this picture) that in late October will demonstrate a 1MW unit - that's 1 million watts - which can multiply the power input by 4 to 40 times. It works through a self-sustaining catalyzer process, not unlike the seemingly moribund BlackLight Power hydrino reactor. We spoke with Sterling this morning and he mentioned his plans to go to Bologna, Italy, for the 1MW demo at the University of Bologna on Oct. 28.


10:18PM ET, Oct. 16, 2011 -- Have you ever seen a bulldozer 3 stories high? Well, that's one in the picture, and until Ed Grimm of Global Hydrogen came along, it was burning 30 gallons of fuel an hour as it digs a quarry in Las Vegas. Even a 10% savings using HHO on a behemoth like that turns into a lot of money awfully fast! And by the way, there's great career possibilities - we mean jobs - available at Global Hydrogen in beautiful Holiday, Fla., as a major expansion (including a new addition to their plant) gets underway to handle truck fleets and marine customers turning to HHO to save fuel and clean up the environment. Ed and CEO Scott Harlib will be at the HHO Games to offer seminars and an HHO Spectacular display in Space B, right in the center of everything.


8:21PM ET, Oct. 16, 2011 -- Our Web site traffic increased more than 1,000% today when the Peswiki site run by our old friend Sterling Allan ran a beautiful little note about the upcoming HHO Games. We were also the recipients of a telephone deluge from people who saw email from Richard Keough, who is surely doing something right on the publicity front - he's even getting advance TV coverage for us!Since we began counting, 77,400 people have visited our site, and they now spend an average of 2.5 minutes on each visit. I just hope we'll be able to hold all the people his efforts are bringing to the Games on Nov. 11-13 at the Sarasota Classicx Car Museum. And don't forget the $39.95 (plus tax) rate from Knight's Inn if you're staying overnight. It's really close enough to walk from, so take a dip in the pool, eat a free breakfast. check your email on their free WiFi and take a stroll to the Games!


8:53PM ET, Oct. 16, 2011 -- One guy who's done more than any other - including me - to raise awareness about HHO, hydrogen and the range of uses for it is Gabet123, the proprietor of HHO Information. Recently, to cover the growing costs of a site that now hosts 3,000 people and dozens of HHO forums, businesses, chats and events - they even stream the Smart Scarecrow show live - he's had to institute a small fee. Yet, recognizing that folks contribute to its growth through their own work and information, he's now offering a free pass for a limited time to registered members. We are always broke around here, so that was great news! HHO Information and are the leading sites, we believe, for news, information and contacts in our brave new industry. Gabe's generosity is deeply appreciated.


2:03AM ET, Oct. 16, 2011 -- Saturday's debut show of "Fuel Savers" was terrific, fast-paced, fun and highly informative. The signal was strong, listeners said, accessible 60 miles to the south and presumably the same to the north, south, west and east. The next airing will be Oct. 22 on WTAN AM-1340 at 4PM. (An earlier version of this article was misinformed, in that we did notknow the speaker was Jewish and entitled to make the remark. We apologize.)


11:07AM ET, Oct. 15, 2011 -- Robin Miller's custom-made PSA for the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games is up on YouTube! The 30-second spot, created for the Bright House Network by Robin and polished by Charles Clapsaddle of METV, was prepared after the Time-Warner subsidiary asked us earlier tyhis year if we'd like to do one for the next HHO Games. The spot ran more than 450 times in 2008 ahead of our first HHO Games & Exposition at the Manatee County Fairgrounds and drew more than 2,500 people to that event.


12:12AM ET, Oct. 15, 2011 -- Don't miss the debut of the "Fuel Savers" radio show hosted by Barry Holzsweig of Fuel Genie Systems this afternoon on WTAN-AM 1340 at 4PM. The 1340 signal is heard all the way from Gainesville to Venice. If you'd like to be a future guest or just chat with others on his show, call him at 727-799-3320 today. It will all be happening in his HHO Information storefront at Regal Cars at the corner of NE Coachman (not Old Coachman) and Drew in Largo, where he's been educating the curious for almost two months now on the exciting ways HHO can help save money, improve our environment, restore our freedom to travel and get the big oil companies and Arab world off our backs. I just got back from a 225-mile trip to Disney's Contemporary Resort near Orlando this evening, and it was the first time I've really been able to get a reading on my mileage outside the city. As I told Barry two days ago, I was very please with the performance, power and in-city mileage of my Fuel Genie HHO kit - 30MPG in a 2002 Saturn SC-2 - but hadn't had the chance to take it on the road since we rebooted the Volo chip to boost the mileage. His installer Philip corrected a missing wire and other small issues for free - as always under his 3-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. Wow! I finally hit the 40MPG goal I've been looking for, and the "hho power-plus" performance came in handy when I had to floor it on I-4 and near an exit from Disney World. To be honest, I cruised at 80MPH much of the way there and back, and probably averaged 75, yet I got tremendous mileage and got to savor the perfect hum of a well-tuned 1.9-liter, 4-cyl engine in a car that's not been well-cared for (though well-loved) and has more than 165,000 miles on it!


12:05PM ET, Oct. 11, 2011 -- Staff Sgt. Mark Praught, USA (Ret.) is en route to Dallas as we write, planning to speak tomorrow with officials of the Cerma microceramic bonding company in Dennison, Tex., and then head northeast to the Choctaw Nation in southeast Oklahoma. He's going there at the invitation of Dr. Howard Phillips, an expert on Choctaw history and a former University of North Carolina Professor of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Phillips (see curriculum vitae), a former chief of Systems Engineering for the Lockheed Microelectronics plant in Sunnyvale, Calif., has brought tremendous excitement to fans of HHO and hydrogen around the world with his revolutionary chemical process for hydrogen-on-demand.

Dr. Phillips told us tonight that his proprietary, self-sustaining Catalytic Carbon process may be able to produce a volume of hydrogen- on-demand – not stored in tanks – potentially required to run a typical automobile solely on hydrogen created from water, an estimated 50 liters per minute. Do the math: Since 1 liter of water will produce 1,800 liters of hydrogen, a reservoir with a half-gallon of water would be sufficient to take a car 180 miles before the water was exhausted; a 1-gallon reservoir would be sufficient for a 360-mile trip. Dr. Phillips has tentatively agreed to fly in from Oklahoma to speak on Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, at 11 A.M. Seating will be limited. He will have time to meet with individuakl developers during the lunch hour following his talk, her said. The Phillips Company plans to license the technology to hydrogen developers over the coming year, when the first market-wide units should be available to the public. Some 40 developers in six countries are currently testing the product.

The Autumn HHO Games will be held at the Classic Car Museum, 5500 N. Tamiami Trail (US 41) at University Parkway. The museum borders SRQ International, and is across the street from the world-famous Ringling Art Museum, which contains the Renaissance art collection of the John and Mabel Ringling, owners of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. It is also immediately adjacent to New College of Florida and the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Campus, and just one long block north of Knights Inn, which is offering a special $39.95 rate to those who mention the Classic Car Museum and HHO Games. Call 941-462-2616 for more information.


12:35PM ET, Oct. 10, 2011 -- Great news from our able Seminar Coordinator Mark Praught! He's been out at the highly successful Oct. 7-9 Pecos River Run with Rick McKeon, where he snagged two giants of our industry for our seminar series. Inventor Dan Merrick, the man who wowed us at the Spring 2011 HHO Games with his breakthrough revelations about ammonia-based electrolyte, and Gadgetman Groove founder Ron Hatton, whose simple, 1-hour throttle-body modification can produce tremendous gas savings, especially in combination with HHO, will join us at the Games. Both are currently scheduled to speak Saturday, and we hope to add additional talks by both men on Friday. If you're an HHO expert and will be at the HHO Games, get in touch with Mark at 305-393-0591. Great work, Mark!


10:59AM ET, Oct. 8, 2011 -- The response to our article about the Al Suarez "Cool Fuel" kit has been overwhelming. "Lots of email," he says. "There are some that are coming from as far as New York, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Georgia and Alabama," he said. Since many will be arriving on Saturday, not our busy Veterans Day opening the day before, we hope we can get Al to stay an extra day - or two!


10:59AM ET, Oct. 8, 2011 -- Richard Keough, who is doing publicity for the HHO Games and is also a vendor in Space 3, says producers at SNN Channel 6, the popular Sarasota news channel on Comcast, have tentatively planned to do a piece on the show set-up during the day on Thursday, Nov. 10, which will be from 9am to 6pm. We are working now with METV producer Charles Clapsaddle on PSAs planned to run on Bright House Channel 9, all its cable channels and the Manatee County government channels. Clapsaddle worked with the late Peter Sellers on the Oscar-winning "Being There," and produced the PSAs for the Nov. 11-14, 2008, HHO Games that ran 482 times and helped bring in 2,500 people.


9:01PM ET, Oct. 6, 2011 -- The most provocative and unusual HHO hho system there is will have its debut at the Nov. 11-13, 2011, HHO Games at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Al Suarez, the inventor of a tiny HHO kit that uses virtually no power at all - or actually generates it - will. display the kit on his 2005, 4-door Toyota Corolla sedan, which with his special electrolyte mix and Kool-Lift kit gets 83MPG on the highway, and averages 45MPG in combined city/highway driving. And the Suarez kit uses - get this - just 0.04 amps of power, he told us today. You did read that correctly - 4/100ths of an amp for electrolysis. How is that possible? We don't know, but Al will give us a seminar sure to rock our world! This is the first time the kit will be seen in public, but we have gotten a photo of the "black box" at the heart of 6"x3"x2" device, which he says can fit anywhere under the hood. Don't miss this one!


4:45PM ET, Oct. 4, 2011 -- Travelers to the HHO Games Nov. 11-13 will get a couple of breaks - on gasoline, due to the fall in oil prices, and on lodging, at the Knights Inn in Sarasota, walking distance from the Sarasota Classic Car Museum and the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).

A room with a king-sized bed is just $39.95 for 1 or 2 persons, and with 2 double beds is $42.95 for 1 or 2 (bring a friend!). The hotel, which is newly furnished and now the scene of a movie shoot for the nearby Ringling Museum, offers a free Continental breakfast, free in-room WiFi and a lovely pool. NOTE: To book the rooms at the HHO Games rate, call 941-355-8867 and use the code phrase, "Car Museum." This rate is not available from the hotel chain's 1-800 number reservations service.


7:45PM ET, Sept. 28, 2011 -- So many developers responded to the offer of samples for the Phase I trials that Howard Phillips has had to close the Phase 1 trial. He is now accepting requests for spots in the Phase II trials. No further Phase I samples are available. Please disregard the information at the end of this article concerning their availability. We regret any inconvenience to our readers.

10:12PM ET, Sept. 21, 2011 -- An Oklahoma chemist and nuclear engineer has discovered a catalyst made from carbon and other common, inexpensive materials that - like some volatile hydrides - can turn a quarter teaspoon of aluminum powder and a half teaspoon of water into enough pure hydrogen to last for 50 hours at 1 liter per minute, he said in an exclusive interview with HHO Updates tonight.

He is currently preparing a patent for the method, and making samples available to HHO researchers across the United Sattes and in Europe. We are seeking a qualified experimental chemist and a theoretical chemist, or someone equally qualified, to check and validate his calculations. Write joe@hhogames if you would like to help.

The catalyst in his reaction does not store the hydrogen, as hydrides do, but creates it in combination with water and alumuminum, taking advantage of the fact that aluminum and water when combined will produce hydrogen very slowly. With the catalyst, the conversion rate is fast enough to fuel hydrogen cars, he said. The catalyst remains intact through the process.

Howard Phillips, who operates a pharmaceutical company and earned his Masters in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, said his proprietary catalyst can easily increase the production of hydrogen without electrolysis to quantities that would make possible a car that

runs only with hydrogen made on demand, rather than stored in tanks. That has been the Holy Grail of the HHO industry for some time, and would have a vast number of other applications. (To view the photo more clearly, increase the Zoom level by hitting Control and + on your browser at the same time.) A seminar led by Ed Grimm, the former NASA Space Shuttle technician who teamed with CEO Sc ott Harlib to create the Holiday, Fla.-based Global Hydrogen Technologieswill offer a seminar on the all-HOD car he's building on Saturday, Nov. 12, at the HHO Games (see agenda for times).

Phillips has already installed a Catalytic Carbon hydrogen kit on his V-8 Buick Park Avenue sedan and is enjoying a 30% increase in mileage, from an EPA rating of 27MPG to 37MPG. An ounce of water and an ounce of aluminum would produce about 25 liters, or .888 of a cubic foot of hydrogen, he calculates as an engineering estimate.

In a long conversation on the same topic today, another inventor spoke of the difficulty of building an all-HHO car. Problems arise during the acceleration phase, when the quantity of gas on demand is sharply increased but the amount produced by a generator remains the same.

The Phillips catalyst, the Oklahoman said, can easily and very quickly increase the amount of hydrogen available on demand.

Presumably, if the need for hydrogen during acceleration can be married to and solved with the Catalytic Carbon process, then Hydrogen On Demand vehicles may be in our future sooner than we think.

Samples of the catalyst have been mailed out to HHO researchers in 13 states and six ountries, and are still available to those who will sign an Non-Disclosure Agreeement with the company. You can learn more at


9:10AM ET, Sept. 21, 2011 -- Joe Miles of Kansas called yesterday to talk about the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games & Exposition at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. He's coming for tips to get his own HHO kit working better, and hopes to see the Aqua Tune device now used by inventor Dan Merrick, who will show it off at the Pecos River Run organized by Rick McKean in

Carlsbad, NM, Oct. 7-8. We extended an invitation this morning to Nick and Ursula Foy, the Aqua Tune Hydrogen Fuel Sytems folks in Texas, to display their resonant-frequency (radio wave) device at the HHO Games. The company guarantees a 25% improvement in mileage and a 30% improvement in horsepower. The unit's processor has a 5-year warranty. The remaining 2011 devices go for $687.50, and as shown here produce 2.5 liters of hydrogen per minute on 8 amps of power.


6:30AM ET, Sept. 19, 2011 -- A phone call from Jeff Albrecht of Boulder, Colo., awakened us Sunday morning. Jeff said he was calling to sign up for the upcoming Nov. 11-13 HHO Games & Exposition at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. He's been working on HHO devices for years, he said, but lost interest. Now, perhaps with concerns about the high prices of gasoline, he's headed east for the Games to learn how to build and install HHO kits. We were just as excited as he was. Thanks for the call, Jeff, and we'll look forward to seeing you!


5:51PM ET, Sept. 16, 2011 -- Great news from Barry Holzsweig! He told HHO Update this morning that he’s bringing his high-class act to radio every Saturday starting on Oct. 15. The 1-hour “Fuel Savers” show on 1340-AM will be done live from the corner of Drew St. and Old Coachman in Largo, where Regal Cars will host the future Hydrogen-Assisted Information Depot, and can be heard from Largo to down south of Sarasota. The first show will feature Global Industries CEO Randy Grimm, the former NASA Space Shuttle hydrogen technician, and yours truly talking about the HHO Games. Each week will feature different Tampa-area inventors and their devices, along with Barry’s own Fuel Genie. He’s promised to promote the HHO Games – where he’s arranging for one of the 5 HHO Spectacular spaces – on all four shows before the Nov. 11-13 Autumn HHO Games at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum.


4:38PM ET, Sept. 15, 2011 -- We're delighted, of course,to announce that the Nov. 11-13 HHO Games & Exposition will be held at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, the perfect venue for the new generation of fuels our inventors are producing. The Display Room for this event will feature 3 HHO Spectacular spaces (A, B, and C) and two extra-special spaces at the foot and on either side of the stage (D and E). You can see the layout by clicking on the "Show Setup" button at the very top of this page.

We're also pleased to announce that Manatee Educational Television (METV) is producing PSAs that will run on Bright House, the local Time-Warner cable company. The last time we did this, in 2008 at the first HHO Games, about 2,500 people attended and the ads ran on every cable show a total of more than 468 times. We deeply appreciate the help of METV general manager Charles Clapsaddle, a prize-winning documentary maker, in helping this happen.

Richard Keough, who can be reached at (941-244-6343, is helping us again with media contacts and newspaper calendar listings.

As always we are grateful to Gabet123 of HHO-INFO for providing a platform to announce the HHO Games to the committed HHO community.

We hope to gain additional publicity in the days ahead and we'll keep you informed of it.


4:38PM ET, Sept. 1, 2011 -- We got as note from Pecos River Run organizer Rick McKean this morning with news of amazing results from an ammonia-based HHO generator that got as much as 64MPG with the new "Superfuel" invented by Dan Merrick and available from Richard Keough at Moreco Energy in Venice, Fla. Here's Rick's note:

We had a great weekend with Ron Hatton, Gadgetman and his groove. He modified 16 vehicles. We tested one today, a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche PU that normally got 17 mpg. With our ammonia battery cell we got up to 28 mpg last Friday. We installed the groove Saturday and tested the vehicle Monday. Mileage was 26 mpg, 2 mpg loss over the fuel cell by itself. Today we reconnected the PVC valve that Ron normally plugs off when he does his groove. This sent the Fuel Trims into the minus 10-15! A trip to Artesia was done on .819 of one gallon! 47.40 mpg! 178% increase over 17 mpg! To confirm the mileage we tried it again on the way back to Carlsbad. We got caught in a 40 mph wind and spitting rain and had to slow down to 60-65 mph when before we were doing 70 mph. We filled up at McDonald's on Pierce. It took 1.13 gallon! 31.63 mpg! 84% increase over 17 mpg normal! That is how much of a difference it makes between the two runs when you are trying to run on hydrogen vapor! It's time to get ready for the Rally on Oct.7-8. Hope to see you there! Rick McKean
At the April 15-17 HHO Games in Bradenton, Dan debuted the ammonia-based electrolyte that uses the nitrogen in ammonia to bind with oxygen molecules so that the hydrogen output is far richer and leaner at a ratio of 11:1 hydrogen to oxygen instead of the standard 2:1 mix. Rick is getting ready for the Oct. 16, 2011, Pecos River Run where Richard Keough's new ammonia-based will also be introduced for the first time in a vehicle driven by Dan Merrick.


4:38PM ET, Sept. 1, 2011 -- .

4:38PM ET, Sept. 1, 2011 -- We heard this afternoon from Richard Keough, the Venice, Fla.-based CEO of Moreco Energy, whose ammonia-based Superfuel, inspired by inventor Dan Merrick - who revealed it at our April 15-17 HHO Games - has been flying off the shelves to a global market. Now Keough, a 7-time vendor at the Games, has combined the electrolyte with a kit that resists corrosion with a special steel alloy.

Here is Richard's note on the developments:

Hi Joe: Today began a milestone in hydrogen fuel technology: The test of the new "Super Fuel" system cell. So far, all is going according to plan. As you may know, the ammonia electrolyte is very corrosive under power. So it became a necessity to create a new cell which could withstand any tendency to dissolve it. We tested a number of possible alloys, even lead. Lead was not a good choice. Titanium as a cathode tends to develop a conductive resistance in a short time so a titanium plate coated with platinum, and other rare and expensive metals looked good until we saw the price tag. At last we found what looks like the best compromise. It is an alloy high in nickel and chromium and it tested very well. Instead of rusting and turning dark brown it developed a golden color at the edges like an anodized steel plate. We have only run it for several hours but it is way ahead of anything else that is affordable. We intend to go into production in the next few weeks if all goes as well as expected. Best of all we expect to introduce the complete "Super Fuel" System for under $300.00. I am enclosing some files and pics. Thanks, Joe! Dick Keough

You'll get a chance to see the new Superfuel Cell when it debuts at the November 11-14 HHO Games. For more information, you can contact Richard at


11:40PM ET, August 30, 2011 -- Here's one way that old-fashioned newsprint beats the Internet. Tulane University scientists have discovered a novel bacterial strain, dubbed "TU-103," that can use paper to produce butanol, a biofuel that can serve as a substitute for gasoline. They are currently experimenting with old editions of the Times Picayune, New Orleans' venerable daily newspaper, with great success.

TU-103 is the first bacterial strain from nature that produces butanol directly from cellulose, an organic compound.

"Cellulose is found in all green plants, and is the most abundant organic material on earth, and converting it into butanol is the dream of many," said Harshad Velankar, a postdoctoral fellow in David Mullin's lab in Tulane's Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. "In the United States alone, at least 323 million tons of cellulosic materials that could be used to produce butanol are thrown out each year."

Mullin's lab first identified TU-103 in animal droppings, cultivated it and developed a method for using it to produce butanol. A patent is pending on the process.

"Most important about this discovery is TU-103's ability to produce butanol directly from cellulose," explained Mullin.

He added that TU-103 is the only known butanol-producing clostridial strain that can grow and produce butanol in the presence of oxygen, which kills other butanol-producing bacteria. Having to produce butanol in an oxygen-free space increases the costs of production.

As a biofuel, butanol is superior to ethanol (commonly produced from corn sugar) because it can readily fuel existing motor vehicles without any modifications to the engine, can be transported through existing fuel pipelines, is less corrosive, and contains more energy than ethanol, which would improve mileage.

"This discovery could reduce the cost to produce bio-butanol," said Mullin. "In addition to possible savings on the price per gallon, as a fuel, bio-butanol produced from cellulose would dramatically reduce carbon dioxide and smog emissions in comparison to gasoline, and have a positive impact on landfill waste." Provided by Tulane University.


6:38AM, March 17, 2011 -- Aces Live Music Lounge is the coolest joint in Bradenton, located at 4343 Palma Sola Blvd. at Cortez Ave., out near Bradenton Beach.

It has live music every night of the week and fare that ranges from great pizza to finger foods. Aces has the feel of a Deep South roadhouse and R&B, rock, zydeco, funk and jazz bands - there were three last night, and they were all great!

We also recommend the Crabby Shack, where the young owner, Lacey, and husband John are serving some of the most delicious blackened grouper (and grilled if you prefer) we've ever tasted, seasoned to perfection. The $15 Grouper Dinner comes with a choice of 3 sides, including their own great-tasting deep-fried hush puppies and potato salad. And don't forget to ask Lacey for a cup of her signature clam showder. It's located at the very last driveway at left of the Cortez Bridge, by the big Parasail sign. Fishing and tourist charters, jet skis and other smaller watercraft are available to rent from John.

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The Fuel of the Future - Here Now!
Driven by the soaring price of gasoline and diesel and the inventive spirit of Americans, interest in the extraordinary properties of HHO fuel is growing here and abroad. The gas, usually the product of simple electrolysis of water to separate hydrogen and oxygen, is also known as HOH, Brown's Gas, hydroxyl or oxyhydrogen. It burns cleaner and hotter than gasoline or diesel, and as an additive that saves 20% to 40% on gasoline can revolutionize the way Americans live and drive.
"We are researching a way to generate hydrogen on board vehicles to power fuel cells - an effort that could improve fuel economy by 80% and reduce emissions by 45%."
- ExxonMobil, 2010

Even NASA's Manager of Space Operations, William Gerstenmeier, speaks of the exciting possibility for space travel using hydrogen fuel cells based on water electrolysis. So does former President Jimmy Carter.

In fact. studies of a hand-built HHO kit by NASA in 1967 remain among the most compelling scientific evidence for the feasibility of on-board hydrogen kits. The study, published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, showed that hydrogen created in a small canister installed beside the engine not only saved gas but yielded a very substantial drop in harmful emissions from gasoline.

Today's kits, such as those for OTR diesel 18-wheelers created by the onetime NASA technician Ed Grimm, formerly of Global Hydrogen Technologies in Holiday, Fla., save more gas and reduce pollution from gasoline and diesel engines to zero in almost every case. That's because hydrogen makes gasoline burn faster and far more completely; normal engines burn just 20% of the gasoline you buy, according to the TRB division of the National Academy of Sciences and ExxonMobil. In non-hydrogenated gasoline cars, 80% of the gasoline is just wasted, the government's Transportation Research Board and the oil giant say.

We are just scratching the surface of our potential to drive cars using fuel that is almost free. Cranbury, N.J.,-based BlackLight Power has just unveiled plans for a CIHT electric car that will travel 1,500 miles on a liter of water, which as in HHO is electrolyzed to produce hydrogen. The BlackLight concept car uses a proprietary catalyst to create a sub-atomic particle called "hydrino," and in the breakdown of the hydrogen atom to hydrinos, creates electricity that directly powers the motor.

Just recently, on Oct. 28, 2011, an Italian engineer named Andrea Rossi unveiled the "Energy Catalyzer," better known as the E Cat, that can produce electricity through a cold fusion reactor in amounts far greater than needed to start it. Military and NASA scientists from the United States are excited about the device, but the Associated Press spiked an article by a reporter they flew from New York to Bologna to witness it because the AP editors couldn't believe it!

A Massachusetts company in February revealed that it has successfully created bacteria that can produce either diesel or ethanol fuel in any quantity desired. The Phillips Co., based on the Choctaw reservation in southeastern Oklahoma, can power vehicles with a chemical reaction that creates hydrogen using no electricity. A prototype device based on it pumped more than 4 liters per minute into the vehicle as he watched, said Mark Praught, a seminar coordinator at recent HHO Games events. In an HHO-like experiment, scientists working with academic physicists at Oxford University in Cambridge, England, say they can now make a hydrogen-based synthetic gasoline in scaled-up quantities for $1.50 a gallon. Paying $3.50 or more for regular at the pump makes little sense any more - except to oil companies.

Energy companies - some of which may pay no taxes at all and even get subsidized by the government, have billions to spend when any small company or inventor makes or threatens to make oil and gas obsolete. Often, we never hear of those breakthroughs in the first place, or they hit the market only to suddenly vanish.

On June 13, 2008, for instance, a Japanese car for mass market assembly was unveiled that uses HHO and gets 60 miles per quart of water, according to a Reuters report carried on the CBS financial site MarketWatch. but that has been shut down. Scientists at Australia's University of Tasmania have produced HHO kits that save diesel users up to 80% of their fuel cost (and increase power up to 20%!), but Ballard Power Systems, which paid for the university study, now uses it just for vehicles it owns or sells; they don't allow the university, the inventors or anyone else to sell it (Ballard-bult buses run in Chicago and Vancouver but use a different, more dangerous technology).

Often, government regulatory agencies are part and parcel of the effort to keep the world from supplanting oil and gas with alternative fuels. Some have not even looked at them for a decade - but know they are out there.

Is Gasoline Your Only Choice? No!

According to the Transportation Research Board (TRB): of the National Academy of Sciences:

A significant hurdle exists in safely and economically storing the hydrogen fuel when stored as a gas at high pressure. Ballard has addressed this issue for its current in-service buses in Chicago and Vancouver. The hydrogen is stored at high pressure in compressed gas cylinders on top of the bus.

Another method of addressing this problem is through the use of a reformer to effectively convert an existing, relatively safe fuel [water] into hydrogen on demand. Technically, reformers can operate with a wide variety of existing fuels including diesel and gasoline... (emphasis added)

The TRB also explains why such devices and the associated cost savings are not popular with bureaucrats:
...[A]lternative fuels such as pure electric or hydrogen are untaxed. A significant increase in the use of the untaxed fuels at the expense of the taxed, without a change to the tax system, would obviously hurt revenues [of the Highway Trust Fund].

...These vehicles run on either hydrogen or gasoline, with an on-board reformer. High potential fuel efficiency combined with zero emissions has made these a focus of attention for both environmentalists and car companies.

Regrettably, even the TRB's studies don't give equal consideration to on-board hydrogen generators (which is the formal name for HHO kits), which obviously need no vast hydrogen filling-station infrastructure but make all the car needs for immediate consumption with gasoline. .

The famed balladeer Neil Young (photo, right) entered his beloved 1967 Lincoln Continental powered by HHO into the 2010 Automotive X Games. The car got better than 100MPG but got disqualified because Young didn't have a marketing plan!

Even in this age of terrorism, it doesn't seem to occur to the TRB that a high-powered rifle or grenade could penetrate the compressed hydrogen atop the Chicago buses and instantly incinerate a busload of passengers.

Not so with HHO electrolyzers: these devices immediately use up the small amounts of hydrogen created inside the HHO kit, and milliseconds later burn it with gasoline. For passenger cars, as little as 1/10th of a liter per minute (less than a pint) is all that is needed to get up to 35% savings on gasoline and diesel engines (huge trucks need more, of course).

ExxonMobil's hydrogen-on-demand device, created by Dr. Nazeer Bhore, is slated for use only a forklift at this point, the scientist says.

Did you know that some cars can run on compressed air? HHO gas fuels the ignition to start their engines. One air car is a Frenchman's invention powered by compressed air, which can use an HHO kit to provide ignition. The French air car is capable of crossing the United States on a gallon of gas, or even less if HHO is used, and is refilled like a tire with compressed air at filling stations. It is reportedly coming off the assembly line soon from India's giant Tata Industries. Tata has introduced a stripped-down $2,000 car ahead of that technology, however, so we may never see it. An Australian air car seems to work just as well - with a 13-lb. engine! - but why is that not available, either?

Celebs See The Future


We were surprised at the volume of traffic we receive at this site despite the Great Recession and a slowdown in the HHO industry.

One client says that their business took off like a rocket when we gave him a low-cost ad, and disappeared entirely when it was canceled.

Your ads will help us continue putting on the HHO Games and bring more people to this amazing industry!

Remember: Your advertisement on brings you only people who are interested in HHO and this industry.

Many of them are seeking HHO generators and accessories:

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Hollywood celebrities are getting behind hydrogen-fueled cars in a big way. According to the June 14, 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times, General Motors has hired Creative Artists Agency to attract celebrity test-drivers like Jamie Lee Curtis, and they love the cars. The biggest names in the automotive industry have joined the National Hydrogen Assn., the Washington, D.C.-based group that advocates for all forms of hydrogen-based transport and endorses HHO fuel injection in automobiles.

Bob Boyce, the fearless pioneer of the modern HHO movement, honored the HHO Games with an SRO seminar and display at a recent show.

HHO Games Image

Also, one of the finest American singers ever, Neil Young of the iconic '60s band Crosby, Nash, Stills & Young, qualified a partly HHO-powered, 19-ft., 1968 Lincoln Continental for the $10-million Progressive Insurance 2009 Automotive X Games by getting more than 100 mpg. The car is equipped with a Texas-made Viper HHO unit. See our HHO Update Archives (Vol. IV) for more on that event. But, as the Times says, "critics say hydrogen fuel is difficult to store and, at least for now, energy inefficient, since it requires more energy to produce than it provides once it's in the car's tank. Moreover, the process of making hydrogen can create greenhouse gases. And fuel cells are very expensive because they contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium." Nonetheless, the Bloom Box, the creation of an Indian scientist in California, is now powering Wal-Marts and the Silicon Valley headquarters of Google, Oracle and eBay, and big power users like Coca-Cola and Staples, according to the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Assn., and save these companies about 20% on their electric bills.

Joe Shea's observation that hydrogen can be produced with "two spoons and a cookie jar" - literally - was the inspiration for the 2008 HHO Games T-Shirt.

HHO Games Image

But all those storage, efficiency, pollution and cost issues are eliminated with HHO generators that use ordinary metals and hydrogen produced on-demand rather than stored, and adds only water vapor to the air - all at a tiny fraction of the cost of GM's new electric cars.

And the cat is out of the bag: On June 15, 2008, there were more than 980 videos to choose from on YouTube, MySpace, AOL and Yahoo devoted to HHO topics; today there are 100,000, and they have gotten hundreds of millions of views. Over 900 kits and accessories are offered under "HHO" on e-Bay, starting at $59.95.

Inventors are the real lifeblood of the HHO industry, yet they are few and far between. We're lucky if we can find even half-a-dozen who are willing to display their new fuel-saving ideas to the public. We believe the real innovations will come from these inventors, not the bureaucrats at major car manufacturers, for whom a high price point is inevitable in every new design.

Right now, even as the movement is growing by leaps and bounds, many people have not heard how HHO Gas works. Some have been put off by the idea that HHO would require tanks, which it does not, or that inventors are trying to sell them a bill of goods about cars that run on water. Cars powered by HHO almost always use substantially less gasoline.

And the fuel is never water - it is oxyhydrogen, a colorless, flammable, clean-burning gas familiar to scientists since its discovery in 1866 or earlier.


C'mon Down!
A Quick Note To Exhibitors

  • To get a Vendor or Demonstrator space for the 2013 HHO Games & Exposition, reserve one now. Please read our Vendor and Exhibitor Contract, sign and complete the Space Reservation Agreement and email it to (Please use "HHO Games" in your Subject: line.

  • Demonstrator sites are only for vehicles using HHO kits, and each is $15, or $25 for two. All such spaces are currently on hold, and none are currently available. HHO Vendor Spaces inside the Display Hall are $250. One Vendor space typically includes tables, chairs and access to an electrical outlet for each Vendor. Inside, Wi-Fi may be offered, but it is best to have an Air Card or mobile "hot spot," such as those from Verizon. Demonstrators park outside, and must supply any electrical needs. Admission is $5 per day. Pre-registered Inventors (with displays), Vendors and Demonstrators are admitted free.

  • Make your payment of Vendor and Demonstrator fees by deposit at any Bank of America to Acct. No. 37602-27563 in favor of "Joe Shea." You don't need to have an account at Bank of America to make a deposit. Please write your or your company's name somewhere on the deposit slip and notify us via an email to joe@hhogames when you have paid the fee. We have never lost a deposit.

  • We try to provide ample free parking. Street parking is unavailable.

  • There will be no electricity outside, so bring batteries or generators for Demonstrator and outdoor HHO Spectacular spaces. Party-style tents are permitted for outside HHO Spectacular spaces but nowhere else.

  • Thousands of rooms are available in Bradenton and on Anna Maria Island at hotels and motels within five miles of the site. Many are reasonably priced but are highly sought-after in the Spring.

  • One or more Food vendors will be on-site, usually with limited offerings; dozens of restaurants and inexpensive buffets are open until 9 p.m., on 14th St. West (US 41), and a Golden Corral is open until 10 a.m. on Cortez Road. Miller's Dutch Kitchen, an Amish restaurant, serves a superb $4.99 breakfast buffet daily from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on 14th Street, about 3/4 of a mile north of Cortez Rd.

  • November approaches the start of our busy tourist season in South Florida, so motel, hotel and airplane reservations should be made early. Be prepared for beautiful weather and lots of sun, sand and sea. Our air is unpolluted, but the sun requires hats and sunglasses throughout the day. Humidity is sometimes high. The area has not been hit directly by a hurricane since 1923.

  • The nearest large airport, Tampa International, is just 35 minutes from the venue.
  • Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) is served by major airlines like Delta, JetBlue, US Airways and Air Canada.
  • For your private plane, try Dolphin Aviation Sarasota, whose Hangar "A" at SRQ was the site of our last HHO Games.
  • The next-nearest for private planes is in St. Petersburg at Albert Whitted Airport, about 45 minutes and 23 miles away.
  • St. Petersburg-Clearwater is served by Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines, and is an hour away.
  • Carpool. Write to joe@hhogames if you are seeking a carpool to bring you to the HHO Games, and we will try our best to match you up with someone coming this way from the Northwest or West Coast, Midwest, Northeast or elsewhere, and in the South or Florida.

A Feast of Opportunity

With gasoline now selling at over $3.50 a gallon throughout the United States and a deep recession still underway, commuters, long-haul truckers, fleet managers and governments are all looking for a clean, non-polluting way to cut the near-unbearable price of gasoline and diesel. Only HHO can be installed on any vehicle from a Chevy Malibu to a golf cart to a Cadillac Escalade, from a bicycle to a yacht to a 60-foot earth-mover to save up to 40% of fuel costs. Whoever cracks the market wide open will become unimaginably rich - and may even save the world. The HHO Games is the place to make that happen.

Thanks to the efforts of HHO inventors, builder and developers, and trade organizations like International HHO Institute (which tests kits for efficiency), consumers can be guaranteed that savings will be generous and consistent. Cash-back policies and multiple-year repair warranties are now common throughout the industry. Kits are smaller, cheaper and more effective than ever before.

We have come a long way from the early, gut-twisting efforts it took to build an HHO generator on your own. Today, organizations like Hydro-Maxx provide not only kits but all the tools required to research, test, measure and validate HHO generators you build on your own.

Other firms, like Fuel Genie Systems, provide polished kits with savings guarantees, multiple installation centers, 60-day cash-back and 3-year warranties. MoreCo Energy of Venice, Fla., offers the industry's strongest multi-year warranty and a 90-day cash-back guarantee.

That wasn't always the case. Our industry not only has had to face industry-wide infighting and philosophic divisions, but also e-Bay scammers, fly-by-night companies and - except in Manatee County, Fla. - a complete lack of help. Local, state and federal government agencies ought to be more involved than we are in the search for fuel-savings solutions that benefit taxpayers.

Moreover, Dr. Robert (Bob) Park - a man who described Jesus Christ as an "itinerant healer," who wrote that the North Koreans didn't have ICBMs (the day before they were launched) and believes acupuncture is a fraud has lent the authority of his now-dropped "What's New" column in the prestigious American Phsyical Review to deriding the efforts of this industry - even as giants like ExxonMobil charge ahead with Hydrogen-On-Demand research (HOD).

All HHO kits are HOD devices, because we believe it is far more efficient to generate it on-demand than storing it in containers subject to leaks and explosions. HHO devices produce hydrogen for immediate use as fuel, and thus present none of those dangers when properly constructed. Our experience over the past three years has been one of completely safe HHO operation that is problem-free almost all of the time.

Just click on the older videos below to play them. They provide a sense of history, because they reflect some of the earliest attempts to harness the power of hydrogen in modern cars. These and other videos we will add (send yours to help us understand the origin of recent HHO generators as we watch them being created from scratch. Many of today's kits are far advanced from those we saw at the first HHO Games in November 2008.

Ours is proud to be a quintessentially American industry, where there are no giant manufacturers. HHO builders are gifted Americans who built their companies from the ground up. They want to save our planet "one car at a time," as developer Barry Holzsweig says.

Some use $10 modchips, EFFI kits and oxygen-sensor extenders to modify or disable car computer programs that can otherwise frustrate the use of hydrogen in newer cars. Most HHO kits come either ready-to-assemble or ready-to-install, range in price from $49 to $750 and average about $350.

The HHO Games presented $1,000 to Manatee Technical Institute Director Dr. Mary Cantrell, who accepted it on behalf of the college's non-profit MTI Foundation. The school may offer classes on HHO technology in the future, she told the Bradenton Herald.

Here, though, we want to show the work of home-based inventors whom the future will recognize as pioneers of this brave new industry. You will see the technology being built from scratch, installed and used - and sometimes going wrong. The successes are astonishing, given what Americans are paying for gasoline today. The HHO kits promise the ordinary man and woman an extra paycheck every month in the form of savings on the gasoline costs.

For corporations with big fleets, the savings will quickly amount to the millions - and they're already being used in huge fleets of hybrid diesel tractor-trailers!

There are even portable hydrogen-powered batteries that use only water as fuel. They may soon power the low-energy electrolyzers used in vehicles shown below. Like our HHO on-demand devices, they make it unnecessary to transport hydrogen. Two companies, Millennium Cell and Singapore's Horizon, are producing commercial 25-to-100-watt hydrogen batteries now. Since they need recharging just once a month and are powered by water, the issue of battery drain becomes moot.

Check Google, eBay and YouTube for "HHO" or "hydrogen on demand" - new advances are coming every day.

More Hydrogen-On-Demand Resources


The HHO-INFO Website performs a unique service for the HHO community by providing an array of videos, photos, schematics, hydrogen articles, and calculation tools for HHO, along with forums and expert help pages and contact tools for visitors to the site.

HHO-INFO now charges a small fee that can be offset when members participate regularly in the site by contributing posts, photos, videos and other new and useful information. Flaming and spam are rigorously controlled.

More than 3,000 members of the HHO-INFO site rely on it for the latest news and updates on events, shows, state and city HHO Club meetings and more.

There's even a free marketplace for HHO vendors! Advertising is also available for Vendors. The site is located at

A special note: You may be tempted to leap to the NBC News video below that discusses a novel type of HHO Gas generator created by John Kanzius, the remarkable inventor of the Kanzius Machine who was recently hailed on "60 Minutes" for perhaps the most important advance in cancer therapy in the past 50 years, albeit one that may have come too late to save his own life. It is worth seeing.

In the left-hand column of this page, the HHO Updates try to keep visitors abreast of the latest developments and upcoming shows. There are also videos there, including ones from CNN and ABC News. We deeply appreciate the attention paid by the major media to our efforts.

We hope you'll enjoy and learn from all of these remarkable efforts, and realize the power of a new idea to change our world.

"Excellence Makes All The Difference"
         "I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable."

-- Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island (1874)
Quote Courtesy of Hydrogen Technology Applications, Tampa, Fla.

The John Kanzius Water Cell:
It'S HHO, And It's Pretty!

From CBS News

   John Kanzius, the inventor of the Kanzius Machine, took the world of cancer therapy by storm when it was first unveiled on "60 Minutes." Now he's invented a fuel cell that can run a car on HHO Gas created by burning salt water with radio waves. In this news clip, experts review the HHO device that NBC calls "a happy by-product" of his search for a cancer cure. Experts say he's split water into oxygen and hydrogen, producing HHO by a very different means. It's unclear, though, how much power is needed to produce the radio waves, and whether chlorine is produced in the process. (Note: this video may be slow to load because it gets tens of thousands of hits.)

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