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Why Advertise Here?

The HHO Games & Exposition is the epicenter of a movement that is revolutionizing the energy industry in ways large and small. Visitors from all over the world come to the Games to see the latest technology, and to get into the industry themselves as developers, distributors, dealers and installers. Their first stop is always HHO, the site you are visiting now.

Here, they get frequent news updates that affect the industry and its future; they learn about new developers with new and promising HHO generator technology and advanced support accessories; they search for HHO kits to purchase, and for Vendors to begin a dealer relationship. These are the people your advertisements reach, 24 hours a day, all over the world.

In early May, 2009, a developer gave us a call, and the conversation quickly turned to kits. We suggested that he use titanium plates and the high surface area coating that engineer Tim Brauneck talked about at the 2009 Fall and 2010 Winter Games. He quickly implemented those ideas. Within days, an innovative Car Quest dealership who'd contacted us for advice flew out to his shop to see the kits. Soon he heard from a potential retailer who'd visited our site and then wrote us to look for a reliable kit he could offer to his clients - who wanted 2,000 of them for a large diesel fleet. He met that retailer in the Deep South days later, and the retailer offered a huge sum of money for the rights to the device. Before two weeks had passed, he was set for a meeting with GM engineers interested in his HHO generator as a way to meet new emissions and mileage standards at low cost. All this happened within 15 days after his advertisement appeared - and he drove all the way to Florida to thank us!

Our very committed readers are a fast-moving, powerful force in the HHO industry, and our site focuses their interest on you and your products.

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Classified Ads run from $10 per line (three-month minimum) for categorized listings, to $50 for 1" x 1" boxes about the size of the small photographs in the HHO Update column, to 1" x 6" vertical banners, which are $2500 per month, all with three-month minimum contracts. A 1" x 3" box is $1250, with a three-month minimum. All prices quoted, except for the streaming video ads, are flat rates fpor the entire three-month period and there are no monthly rates for those ads. Streaming video ads are $3000 per mo. with a three-month minimum contract, and the video may be altered or updated by advertiser.

For a small fee ranging from $100 - $250, we will help you prepare and edit the copy and graphics for the ads. We can also help you prepare a video for your ad at an additional charge of $175 per hour of shooting, plus normal expenses for travel beyond 100 miles from Bradenton, Fla.

An exclusive drop-down menu listing at a prominent place on the page, in one category and linked to your site, is $12,000 per year and is limited to five such listings under DIESEL (1 advertiser only), VENDORS (1 only), HHO KITS (1 only), INSTALLATION (1 only) and ACCESSORIES (1 only). A dominant topside banner (1 only and currently sold through May 4, 2011) is $1,500 with a three-month minimum contract.

All rates are subject to change and special conditions that may favor advertisers or the HHO Games or both.

The great thing about the HHO Games site is that people coming to it are usually very interested in HHO kits and accessories, and spend a long time surfing, looking at video and reading The HHO Update Archives. Your ads in our unique editorial environment are a smart, strategically targeted investment. Skype joeshea for information, or write him at

Available Sizes and Formats*:

A. 1" x 1" bordered box, photo, graphics or just text: $50 per mo., 3-month minimum. One inch equals 72 pixels.

B. 1" x 3" bordered mid-size banner, with or without photo, graphics and text: $125 per mo., 3-month minimum

C. 1" x 6" bordered cross-page banner, with or without photo, graphics and text: $250 per mo., 3-month minimum

D. 2" x 3" Live or Streaming Video: $300 per month, 3-month minimum. We can shoot your video for an additional charge of $75 per hour of shooting and $50 per hour of editing time, plus normal expenses for travel, including meals, gasoline and lodging if necessary, beyond 70 miles from Bradenton, Fla. A two-man crew is usually required, but the hourly charge applies to only one crew member. Other crew members are not charged to the advertiser, excepting for ordinary non-duplicative expenses.

E. Top-of-the-Page Menu links: $3,000 per year. Just five ads are available: Diesel, Vendors, Accessories, HHO Kits and Installation. The Top-of-the-Page Menu links are limited to one advertiser per year.

F. Listing: A single-line hyperlink in a categorized listing section: $10 per line per month, three-month minimum. Categories are: HHO Kits, HHO Accessories, HHO Installation and HHO Diesel. Such listings will appear in red, blue, green or black bold-faced type at the election of the advertiser. Lines may not exceed 30 characters and spaces, i.e., "Green Hybrid Systems Intl.," or "HighPerformanceFuelCell, Tampa." Hyperlinks are permitted using TinyUrl service.

*Note: Ad sizes may be resized upwards at our election for aesthetic purposes.


  • Payment: Ads must be paid for in advance, by check or money order made out to "HHO Games & Exposition, Inc." and deposited to Bank of America Account # 229015371165.
  • Frequency: Ads run daily, 28-31 days per month.
  • Graphics: Advertiser must supply camera-ready artwork, or pay a fee of $100 - $250.00 for us to create artwork from your materials (i.e., your graphics, excluding video).
  • Content: Advertisers may offer guarantees of mileage not exceeding 40%, can mention Warranties, Money-Back Offers and discount coupons in their ads.
  • Changes: Minor changes in ads, such as modifications of hyperlinks, spelling and correction of telephone numbers and addresses, will not be charged unless they require more than 10 minutes of labor, or are requested after 6PM Eastern Time, in which case they will be charged at the rate of $10 per ad, with such charges payable in advance by deposit at the Bank of America. Changes will only be made when the advertiser makes personal contact with our staff by calling (941) 807-2248. A minimum of 24 hours' notice is requested for all changes except one-line categorized listings. We are available to make changes 24 hours per day; the $10 per change charge will apply to any and all changes requested after 6 PM daily. Changes resulting from our error will not be charged at any time.
  • Video: Video may be altered or updated by advertiser. Advertiser must supply embed code. Replacing embed code will not be charged as a change providing it is changed less often than once every 15 days. Changes in embed code that occur more than once in any 15-day period will be charged at the rate of $10 per change.
  • Refunds: No refunds will be made to any advertiser after commencement of their ad except at 1-month intervals. This policy does not apply to categorized listings. The pro-rated portion of the ad, but no other artwork or special fees collected, will be refunded. Exception: Top of the Page Links, but no other artwork or special fees, will be refunded in 4-month intervals only. No such refund will exceed $3,000.


The HHO Games & Exposition offers advertising services only. We do not guarantee, or endorse, any particular product. However, HHO Games awards, statements in the "The HHO Update" and other content normally appearing in our pages may be edited for space or included verbatim in ads.

Hyperlinks contained within ads may link to other pages, non-pornographic video, audio, multimedia or text content at no charge, except for Top-of-the-Page Menu links. No advertising is accepted for products, services or materials not associated with the HHO Industry.

We reserve the right to change advertising policy contained herein, including refund policy, and to raise or lower prices for advertising, at any time without notice except as contained within this page. Ads that have not been paid for at the time of their contract expiration may be deleted unless other arrangements have been made.

We are a non-profit educational organization organized under the laws of the State of Florida. Check with your tax advisor or the IRS on the deductibility of advertising expenses.